Figuring out how to get your business up and running can often seem daunting but know getting your basic operations sorted out is easier than you think. 

An easy way to get your onboarding system set-up in a few hours is by utilizing Acuity. 

Acuity allows you to take payments, have clients book appointments, agree to terms and conditions, as well as collect any information you need from client pre-appointment.

It’s perfect for one-on-one service providers (like coaching/consulting/anything with a one and done session-or series of sessions).

With Acuity, you don’t even need a website to start selling your service. Get your Acuity account set-up, and you are ready to share your booking link with potential clients in emails or on social media. 

NOTE: I highly recommend you do establish a website for your business. There are many reasons you should have a website BUT…

Starting a business takes money, so task zero is having a system that will allow you to bring in money. Acuity does just that in a professional, easy way.

Let’s dive into a few ways Acuity will get your service up and running:

Get Paid With One Click

With Acuity, there is no need to create invoices for potential clients. You can set it up where you are paid at the time of booking with one click.

You send them a link to the type of appointment they are interested in, and then when they are ready, they click the link, pay for the appointment, and book their session with you.

This way, you aren’t spending your time creating invoices for possible clients, then figuring out when their session will happen, this is a TON of unnecessary back and forth. 

If you are running a service-based business that is more retainer or multi-step invoicing, I would recommend Dubsado instead of Acuity. The reason for this is that you need a more traditional invoicing system if you are billing for time or selling packages that aren’t appointment based (like designing a website or creating a brand).

Scheduling Is A Breeze

Speaking of avoiding unnecessary back and forth, scheduling is SO easy with Acuity. Of course, this is the central benefit most people associate with Acuity as a scheduling tool. 

It allows you to have clients quickly see your availability and book when it works for them. They can also reschedule their own appointments. So you are taking out that painful step of figuring out a time that works for both you and them.

The advantage of Acuity is it gives you SO MUCH control over your availability and schedule.

It goes beyond just saying I’m available from 8-5, you can control how many appointments you book in a given week, how much time before or after appointments you have, and more! Check out this blog post to learn all the ways Acuity gives you ultimate scheduling control. 

Gather What You Need Pre-Appointment

Need more than name and contact information for your sessions? No worries, Acuity has you covered with their “Form” feature. You can request whatever you need at the time of booking through the form feature, including asking clients to agree to your terms and conditions.

Plus, that information is included right in their calendar appointment, so there is no need to search your inbox pre-meeting (though you will also get an email with that information at the time of booking). 

Ready to get your business ready to do business? I’ll help you get started with Acuity and think through some of your onboarding set-up in my Sell Your One-on-One Services With Acuity course. 

Not only will Acuity give you everything you need to start offering your sessions today! It’s also affordable. I recommend the Growing Plan, which will run you $25/month. If you don’t need appointment packages, you can get started for $15/month. With all plans, you get a 7-day free trial. 

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