7 Ways Acuity Puts You In Control Of Your Day

Acuity is one of the first tools I invested in to run my business. It allowed me to take payment and schedule clients easily. 

If you want to learn more about what Acuity can do, check out this post.

One of the unique features that really sets Acuity apart from other booking/scheduling tools is the control it offers over your booking availability.

It goes WAY beyond just checking your calendar for conflicts, and giving your set business hours, and that’s what we are going to dive into today! 

Integrates with Your External Calendar

While this one should be a given of any scheduling tool, I still wanted to mention it. I love that it automatically blocks anything I add to my google calendar. 

Want your birthday off, just schedule it on your google calendar, and you are good to go (at least from a client scheduling standpoint that is), make sure you mark it as all-day and busy. (LOL).

Set Business Hours

This is another duh feature, but what I like about Acuity is that you can establish different set business hours for groups of appointment types. 

For example, maybe you are burned out by Fridays, so you could set all your client appointment types to only be available Monday thru Thursday. But allow coffee chats or networking appointment types to be available on Fridays.

Time Blocked Before and After Appointments

You have total control of how much time to block before or after all appointments you set-up—no more doing the pee dance because you forgot to block a break in your calendar. 

This is so handy for service calls; that way, you can give yourself plenty of time to process the call and information after a session. 

Setting this limit means Acuity automatically makes sure that time is available on your calendar to have the call time, plus the time needed to process the call. For example, if you have a standing appointment to leave to pick-up your child at daycare at 3:00 every day, and you offer an hour coaching session, and you set that appointment type to block 30 minutes after the session, someone can’t book that session for 2:00. They would only be able to book at 1:30, even if you set your hours to be available to 3:00.

Client Scheduling Limits

No more last-minute appointments, if you don’t want them. 😉

While I LOVE to work with clients, I also get pretty excited when I have no appointment days too. But you know what ruins a no appointment day; it’s waking up and discovering you do have an appointment (no braless Tuesday for you). 

Acuity allows you to set scheduling limits. That means you can set a limit of 24 hours, and that means no waking up to unexpected appointments. Of course, you can set the limit to be 8 hours or 12 hours or 72 hours, or whatever you wish.

One of my offers requires an extensive questionnaire before our call, for that, I have a scheduling limit of 72 hours to make sure the client and I both have time to prepare for the call.

And these limits can all be done via appointment type groups so you can have one appointment type be 72 hours but only have a 14 hour limit on, for example, your discovery call appointment.

Limiting The # Of An Appointment Type

Acuity allows you to also set a maximum number of appointment types a week, max number of hours a day, or max number of appointment types a day.

I LOVE this feature, especially for some of my more delivery intensive offerings; that way, I can make sure I only book a maximum of 2 of those projects per week. There is so much control with this feature, and it can make sure your week is not overloaded.

Compressing Your Appointments

Acuity also has a feature that will limit your available time slots to help you book calls closer together. This way, your whole day doesn’t feel as consumed by appointments. 

Making You Look Busier

Worried too much availability might put clients off? Acuity has a feature for that too. You can set Acuity to limit your availability by a certain percentage to make you appear less available. 

Want a quick video walkthrough of these features? 👇

Managing your time and day-to-day schedule can be a real challenge for entrepreneurs, and while Acuity won’t fix all your time management woes, it certainly can help!

One of the things that makes me stick with Acuity is the control I have over my schedule and knowing that I’m automatically giving myself enough time to effectively and with less stress deliver my best service to my clients. 

Looking to get your 1-on-1 offers out to clients? Acuity is a great way to do that quickly and easily. Want to short-cut your set-up time?

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Sell Your One-On-One Service With Acuity

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