Sell Your One-On-One Service With Acuity

Sell Your One-On-One Service With Acuity

One of the most important parts of business operations is getting clients in the door. I mean you don’t really have a business if you don’t have a way to get paid and service your clients, right?!? 

I have just the answer to getting your one-on-one service to your clients, Acuity.

Acuity gives you the ability to control your schedule, get paid, and automate your onboarding process all in one tool.

In Sell Your One-On-One Service With Acuity, I will walk you through getting your onboarding workflow established, and then how to use Acuity to get that workflow set-up.

Sell Your One-On-One Service With Acuity

Your short-cut to getting your offer out there!

We will cover:

Mapping Out Your Onboarding Process (Module 1): 
In these lessons I will walk you through establishing your onboarding process.

  • How does someone become your client
  • Payment processors
  • Information needed from clients
  • Contracts
  • Email confirmation + reminders
  • Appointment limits + availability
  • Plus bonus lessons on how to organize and optimize your process

Acuity Set-up Training (Module 2):
In these lessons you learn how to apply your onboarding process to Acuity with step-by-step videos.

  • Setting your availability

  • Calendar syncing 

  • Setting up paypal or stripe

  • Creating your first appointment

  • Setting up forms

  • Setting up Zoom integration

  • Setting up confirmation emails (plus non-paid Zoom workaround or if you use Skype/Phone/Something Else)

  • Setting up reminder emails

  • Reschedule, Cancellation, Follow-up Emails

  • Setting Appointment Limits For All Appointments

  • Setting Availability and Emails For Different Appointment Types

  • Setting up appointment packages

  • Scheduling Page Customization

  • Customizing Scheduling Page Options

  • Testing Your Appointment + Coupons + Scheduling Links

The logistics of getting your clients booked for your one-on-one service shouldn’t be the hard part. Get a system quickly set-up that will allow clients to easily click, schedule, and pay for your service.

Acuity is a paid software, you do have to invest in Acuity to be able to utilize this training fully. The Growing Plan is recommended if you want to utilize appointment packages and some other covered features.