Here’s the deal, you NEED a project management tool if you are a business owner.

Having worked with hundreds of small business owners, I’m going to insist you need a project management tool to run a scalable, less stressful business.

While I’m a known member of team Trello, I really don’t care what project management tool you choose. Any project management tool is going to help you get your business operations organized and optimized. 

If you are someone who doesn’t think they need a project management tool, or have been procrastinating on getting started with one. I have a few hard truths you need to hear. 

It’s not for you

“I think a project management tool is not for me, I’m doing fine with my stick-it notes and paper planner. “

You can’t grow a sustainable business all in your head. I’m sorry but you just can’t and the longer you resist having a central hub to your business, the more frustrating and time consuming it is to run your business.

You can run your business for a while without structured systems and processes, but there will be a tipping point, and when that happens it’s much harder to try to get organized because you are already feeling the pressure.

You will get to a point where you have enough clients, projects, strategies to keep track of that your paper system is going to start falling short.

Plus if you are running an online business, I can bet most of your marketing, client processes, and overall operations take place from the computer. Stop trying to maintain your online business from notes on your desk!

Plus if you want to hire anyone to help that you aren’t going to have at your house, it’s pretty impossible for them to be able to work “your systems.”  

You just haven’t found the “right” tool

There is no perfect tool! I often find entrepreneurs like to use tools as procrastination techniques. I’ll start my email list when I find the right email marketing tool, nope, just pick one, get started. You won’t find the “right” tool without diving into one and just using it. 

Guess what? Most businesses change tools they use at some point, anyway. I actually don’t personally know a single business owner that hasn’t changed the email marketing tool they use. 

You grow out of tools, tools change what they offer or how they offer it, your business changes, there are so many reasons that you might need to make a switch in the future, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting started.

And honestly you don’t know if it’s the “right” tool until you invest (this could be time and/or money–many project management tools have a free option to get you started) and start using it. 

Need help finding a project management tool to get started with? I have just the quiz to help you out!

It’s a magic wand, and it should all be automated

Project management tools do not run themselves. You have to do a lot to get them set-up and then to maintain your projects and processes within them. They are a tool, a container, to store all those moving pieces of your business, but for most of your operations you need to be moving those pieces.

People often expect WAY too much out of their project management tool. Here’s the deal, it takes a good amount of time and effort to get your project management tool set-up with all your business processes. You have to figure out how your operations fit into using your project management tool of choice.

And It’s never really set and done. Your processes in your business will and do change and you have to update your project management tool to reflect that. 

You have to work your tool, and work your processes. You or your team have to go in and set due dates, you have to assign to team members, you have to check off steps, and attach files. You have to work your system, and at first it can seem like wasted time. 

BUT it’s all about building that structure, once it’s routine a project management tool provides you with repeatable processes. It lets you reuse and repurpose so much of your efforts from content to client projects because it’s all organized and easily accessible. And it takes those little everyday tasks out of your head, and helps you work strategically.

I could go on and on about the benefits of a project management tool, and I have→ you can read that here. 

I promise the sooner you embrace a project management tool and make it a central hub to your business, the better your business life will be. 

Want help finding the right project management tool for your business? Take the quiz and find your match 👇