Get Your Business Organized With Trello. One app to organize all the moving parts of your business. #Trello #business101

When people ask, “what is the one tool you could not run your business without?” My answer is Trello.

I’m seriously a Trello superfan! It allows me to keep track of every piece of my business. I use it to document and follow all my processes and workflows, keep my content organized, track clients, launch projects, and more!

What is Trello?

Trello is a customizable organization app that allows you to track & organize multiple aspects of your business (and life). Trello is a wonderful tool to organize and standardize your business, even better, it’s FREE.⠀

Trello is the tool that keeps all the moving parts of my business organized. It’s my digital command center, from my editorial calendar, social media strategy, CRM, to projects, to-do lists, and weekly tasks.

How It Works

Trello is what you make of it. It’s made to be customizable to your processes, and requires you to establish the framework/rules.

There are multiple ways to solve the same problem or to structure the same process; there is not really a right way, it’s the way that best serves you and your processes.

The basic components of Trello are boards, lists, and card.

I think of Boards as my file folder or notebook. This is where you are storing all the information for that one particular project, subject, or process.

Lists are your sub-folders, timeline, days of the week, phases of the process or workflow.

Cards are the meat of Trello. These are your tasks, checklists, steps in the process, clients, documents, due dates, etc.

Trello also integrates with a TON of other applications, through their Powerups feature. You can also use Zapier, IFTTT, and Butler to automate quite a bit as well.

Trello can do a ton; you just have to figure out how to do it.

You Might Need Trello If…

If you often find yourself searching for files
If you have trouble keeping track of ideas
If your calendar is full of to-dos, instead of appointments
Your desk and computer monitor is covered in post-its
Your processes live in a Google doc you never open
You Bookmarks tab is 3 pages long

You want to be an organized boss! 😘

A Few Of My Favorite Features…

Attachments! This is probably my #1 because instead of having to find the folder, find the sub-folder, and find the file. ONE click! Such a time saver.

The web-clipper has replaced bookmarking random pages, Pinterest boards (for my own personal use), and the other 200 random places I would “save” things in. Such an easy way to save #allthethings!

Checklists!! All the checklists, seriously this allows me to actually follow the processes I establish in a way that makes sense.

Labels, allow me to categorize and search my cards like a breeze, no more wasting time scrolling through too many resources.

This is just a few, but honestly, it’s the whole way that Trello allows me to organize so many parts of my business in one easy to access app.

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Ready to start using Trello to get organized in your business?

Grab Manage Your Business With Trello Bundle to be on your way to a more organized business with Trello! Use Trello to strategically plan your year, craft a 90-day plan to keep you organized day-to-day, a business operations board for all those important but easy to lose details, a learning hub never buy and forget a course or membership again, and a CRM board to track your leads and clients + more!

Get Your Business Organized With Trello. #Trello #Business101