Building a business is hard enough without putting in more roadblocks by not embracing tools that will save you time.

The tools below will help make your day-to-day operations easier, less time consuming, and more organized, plus all of them you can get started using for FREE.

Project Management Tool

One tool I promise you will help make your entrepreneurial life run smoother and be more organized is a project management tool. This is one tool I feel like isn’t embraced soon enough for many new business owners. 

Building a business is no joke when it comes to tasks, lists, and millions of to-dos, not to mention all you need to organize once you get down to business. 🙂

You need one central place to organize, categorize, and track all the pieces that go into running a business, and that place is a project management tool.

Find out more about choosing a project management tool in this post. 

You should start building processes for your main business tasks as soon as you start your business and having a system to support that is key.

Now that’s not to say it’s the only tool you need in your business, BUT it’s definitely a tool you shouldn’t be doing business without.

💻 My Tool of Choice: Trello

Check out how I utilize Trello in my business 👇

Password Management

Much like how all your to-dos are going to have a hard time fitting in your head, so too is your massive password list. It takes SO many passwords to run a business. 

Password management systems allow you to set secure passwords better and to manage your passwords. It also sets you up to easily bring on team members because you can securely share passwords they might need.

No more searching for passwords, or requesting the dreaded “lost password” email, logging in is one click away to 100s of sites and tools. 

💻 My Tool of Choice: Lastpass

Psst…once you sign-up install the Chrome extension.

Scheduling Tool

Most service-based businesses require appointments and meetings. Don’t make this process harder than it needs to be. Get a scheduling tool, and move on with life. 

Plus, many scheduling tools can also be used for client onboarding if you are doing one-on-one services. 

💻 My Tool of Choice: Acuity
and it ROCKS!! Read more about all that Acuity can do in this post 👇

Cloud Storage

You do need a way to keep all your documents in pretty much one place and for it to be shareable.

You may not need to share documents with anyone yet, but the time will come. If you are storing all the things just within your computer, you will be hindered. Trust me, emailing documents back and forth is not the way to go.

💻 My Tool of Choice: Google Drive

All these tools will make your business life easier and more organized, plus they give you an excellent base to bring on team members when you are ready.

Having a smooth operating business starts with putting tools and systems in place that allow you to grow; it’s built piece by piece. And these 4 tools are a good start!

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