My Top 5 Secrets To A Happier Hustle

I’ve been thinking a lot about making the hustle happier since my rebrand last year, and when with the help of the wonderful team at C.and V. Creative we chose “hustle happier” as my tagline. What does it really take to make the hustle happier? 

I’ve been reflecting a lot on my entrepreneurial journey so far, as well as what seems to be common themes with other entrepreneurs I’ve interacted with, and 5 things came to mind that I feel like can indeed make the hustle happier.

Work Your Systems, If You Don’t Have Time, Hit Pause

Shockingly, this is one I just realized plays a big role in how I feel in my day-to-day business. I’m sure you are reading this and like, yeah, right, you literally talk all the time about how systems will build a better/easier business, so duh, of course, you say that.

I do feel strongly that systems are critical to building a sustainable and successful business. But here is the thing you have to use the system for it to work. While a part of having strong systems in your business is automation, a big chunk of systems are things you need to actively do, follow, maintain. YOU’VE GOT TO WORK YOUR SYSTEMS.

I was sitting on a mastermind call with ALL business operations folks when someone brought up feeling overwhelmed, and the leader said: “she knows she’s overwhelmed when she’s not working her systems.” And I was like OMG YES! You can be all about systems but still fall off the wagon.

I realized that a lot of my feelings of stress that I plagued me last year was because I wasn’t working my systems. There were multiple examples of this, but a big one was not following my content strategy. 

A big part of following out of using your systems can often be that you are busy, you’ve overcommitted, you’ve had unexpected time sucks, clients onboarded all at the same time, the list can go on. The important thing here though, is when you find yourself in that situation, find a way to hit pause and get back on the systems wagon.

This may mean pushing out starting any new clients, it might mean cutting some promotions or your marketing schedule, it might mean working a few Sundays to get back on track. Whether we like to admit, there is usually something you can do to find a little more space.

As a general rule, hitting pause can 100% make your hustle happier. Here are some other times I find hitting pause can be critical to your strategy & sanity.

Create Your Own Rules

The appeal of creating your own business is that you don’t have to follow the rules anymore, yay freedom. You can build what you want. But sometimes freedom can feel like a dark, dark, pit, a free-fall. Most of us actually need structure, need parameters to do our best work. 

On the other side of that, it’s easy to get caught up in the MUST follow the formula. You take that course that says if you don’t follow each step I’ve laid out, then that is why you aren’t booking clients. 

Listen, there is no magic perfect strategy; if there was we could all follow it and get the same success, but that just doesn’t happen. I like to compare it to a beautiful gown, it can be the most beautiful dress EVER, but if it doesn’t fit YOU, it’s not going to make you feel beautiful, it’s going to be a mess. Same for trying to follow “rules” that don’t fit YOU.

So you need to find your own balance. I started making my own rules, it might seem silly, but it’s really helped me mentally to embrace what works for me.

Here is a post I wrote about a “rule” I created around my content batching routine.

Use What You Have

We all have to start somewhere; it’s so easy to get sucked into trying to make things “perfect.” We think we need to be at a certain level to do things in our business, but we all have to start somewhere. 

We all aren’t going to be able to produce Marie TV level content, and that’s ok. Your content is still important.

Also, REUSE, REUSE, REUSE squeeze all you can out of what you produce. Content, courses, social media, presentations. STOP reinventing the wheel, stop publishing and forgetting it. 

Read more about my obsession + tips with reusing and repurposing here.

Know Your Season

An easy way to burnout is to be pushing continually. While you do want your businesses to grow, you also have to recognize the season you are in with our business. You can’t DO IT ALL RIGHT NOW. 

Sometimes you have to put ideas and next levels on hold. Sometimes you are more client-focused, than creatively-focused, or growth-focused. That is ok!

When you know a month or a quarter is going to be busier either personally (like when the kids are out for summer break or you know, a pandemic) or you are busier with client work. It’s ok to pull back and produce less content or put that product you are creating on hold or on a less aggressive timeline. 

Constantly over-extending yourself is a way to burn out. Small steps are still steps forward, just try to recognize when you need to slow down or maintain as opposed to build and grow.

Make The Right Connections

You can’t do it all alone. You need to make connections not just to get clients, but also to have support on MANY levels when building your business. 

Networking is a CRITICAL piece to helping you build a business and in fact, to making your hustle happier.

Find your circle of clients, of business friends, of masterminds/personal development. This step is easy to overlook, but the sooner you start putting yourself out there, the sooner you will realize how important this step is.

Read more about my thoughts on networking and tips here. 

What’s a secret to your happier hustle? I would love to know!

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