Repurpose All The Content: What, How, Why


Repurposing is a MUST have part of your content strategy. Every piece of content you create you should ask yourself how you could reuse it, expand upon it, and/or rework it into another medium.

Your social media/newsletter/and blog readers are hopefully always growing. Not everyone will see it all; it’s ok to give your audience a second chance to learn from you.

In addition to that important fact, repurposing content:

⭐️Saves time!!

⭐️Give your audience a richer, fuller opportunity to learn.

⭐️Delivers information in a different format, which people need.

⭐️Gives you an opportunity to be seen as an expert on that topic.

So let’s break down some of the major ways you should be repurposing content:

#1. Recycle on Repeat (also known as PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE)

If you are producing content and not promoting it, then you are throwing your hard work away. You write it, and they will find it is not a thing!! You must be promoting your major forms of content (whether that is blog posts, video, or podcasts). Sharing a post once is not promoting it!

You should repeatedly be promoting what you produce on your social media channels. And make sure to share it with your newsletter, link in future or past posts, and promote it wherever you can.

My secret weapon to make sure all my published blog posts are at my fingertips? My Trello Content Bank! 
And utilizing social media scheduling tools makes sure that it’s not published and forgotten!

✏️ Psst. Did you see I linked a past post in the beginner of this post! That’s a way to reuse but also a way to promote it since it is another opportunity for someone who didn’t catch it the first time around.

#2. Reuse

A good example of this would be the opt-in at the bottom of this post. I almost NEVER use an opt-in on only one blog post (what a waste!).

Some ways I might reuse it is:

✏️Create FB Live for a Facebook Group and offer the pdf.
✏️Give it to my existing email list members
✏️Use it as a bonus resource as part of a welcome sequence for a different opt-in

#3. Break It Apart

How can you break it apart for other mediums or to deliver more bite-sized knowledge to your audience?

For example with this blog post I could:

✏️Create IG posts sharing for example the 4 ways I reuse all my opt-ins OR an IG story listing the first 5 ways to repurpose your content as a teaser from them to get the other 20.

✏️I could shorten this into a newsletter for my list, or take pieces of it to include in a newsletter maybe about how I reuse my opt-ins. (This blog post actually started as a newsletter)

#4. Expand It

How can you further educate your audience on the topic? For example, I could:

✏️Create a how-to video on how I use Trello to help with repurposing my content
✏️Make that Trello video into a blog post

In fact, check out this blog post on How Trello Can Keep Your Content On Schedule(see I’m expanding this post + promoting another post)

Grab this List Of 25 Ways To Repurpose Your Content to get inspired. This lists some suggestions, all won’t necessarily apply to your content medium/topic nor is it an exhaustive list but it’s meant to get you thinking in the right direction. Use the list to brainstorm ways to make your content go further and reach your audience better.

Then create a process for reusing your materials. Decide how you might be able to repurpose materials and create a checklist for reusing your content. While reusing material may vary from content post to content post you should have at least a few options to systematically reuse and repurpose most of your content.

The key to making the most of your content is really to have a process, use that process, and keep it all organized! I use Trello for all that, and you can snag my system in the Manage Your Business With Trello Bundle. 

How do you get the most out of your content?