As we start a new year, now is a great time to establish new habits and start new routines. I’m sharing with you 5 routines all business owners need and I know can make a big impact on running a successful business. 

Building a business is HARD, and there are so many different ways to spend your time. These 5 routines are things that no matter your business, will 100% benefit you and make your hustle happier. 

Working on Your Mindset

This might not be one you were expecting from me, but SO many issues in your business isn’t operations, it’s not strategy, it’s MINDSET.

Consistently working on your mindset will help you keep going in your business, which is like half of what it takes to run a successful business. It’s being able to keep showing up even when you have setbacks, to keep pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, to keep putting in the work even when you don’t see results. 

Make it part of your routine to work on your mindset. Find what works for you and make it part of your weekly schedule (or daily schedule). 

Building a business is hard and scary and brings up all kinds of weird feelings. Having a mindset routine won’t stop you from having to feel the feels (fear, jealousy, imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, money blocks…the list goes on), BUT it will help those feelings not take you down.

Get to Networking

Networking can be, and often is your most powerful marketing tool. One goal in marketing, especially with service-based businesses, is to establish a like, know, trust factor with your audience. The best way to establish a relationship with your audience is to get to know them, and networking is your opportunity to talk one-on-one with someone.

Networking is the fastest way to bridge the like, know, trust factor because it helps you become not just a name but a real person. And networking does not only build from one-on-one interaction but also builds trust by association. So the more people who you are connected/associated with, the more trustworthy.

Referrals have been the most successful way for me to bring in clients for my business. BUT networking is not all about marketing your business, it’s also about finding support for your entrepreneurial journey. We can all use someone who gets what it takes to build a business to get feedback from or just a friendly ear when it feels like things are falling apart.

Read more about the power of networking in this post + learn more about getting started with networking for your business in this post (psst…it’s not all in-person events).

Ask for Testimonials

This is related to the above, but social proof can have a significant influence on selling your services. Being able to have testimonials or show results from clients can put you above your competition. It’s an easy and big boost to your “like, know, and trust” factor when trying to market your business. 

Want help getting a system for collecting testimonials set-up? Join this 5-day challenge to get your testimonial system up and running ASAP.

Understanding What Actions Bring In Results

Basically, the bottom-line of this is are you spending your time in your business on things that are bringing results. Do you know what is working and not working in terms of attracting, signing, and servicing your clients?

You should be tracking your results. A big one is your financials; you should have a system in place to track your revenue and expenses like NOW.  Need help getting started? Check out this blog post.

You should also be tracking your marketing efforts, what you offer, how you offer it, and how you market it will determine what you need to track. 

It’s crucial to understand where you are using your time and then what is the results of how that time is spent.

Your business will work best if you approach how you spend your time strategically, and the first step in that is documenting and tracking exactly what it takes to run your business. Which brings us to the next item…

Having and Using a Project Management Tool

The sooner you start making a project management tool, a part of your day-to-day business operations, the BETTER!

Implementing a project management tool will make your business life easier, you will feel less stressed, be more focused on your strategy, and set your business up to grow.

It’s hard to follow a strategy and understand where your time is being spent if you don’t have anything in your business documented. You need a centralized place for your business strategy and operations. 

Building out a systemized and structure to your business takes time, but by utilizing a project management tool, you will have one centralized location to store, organize, and systemize all the moving pieces of your business. 

Learn more about getting started with a project management tool here

Bloom Hustle Grow, is all about making the Hustle Happier.

It’s about building systems that make running your business more manageable, it’s about simplifying, streamlining, and organizing, and it’s about making sure you are taking action that gets you to your goals. So that you are making the most of your time and helping you build the business you’ve dreamed about. 

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