The Secret To Building a Team Committed To Your Business

Yay, you are starting to build out your team to create the empire you’ve been dreaming of, making the impact that you crave, and helping the people who need what you offer.

Building a team of contractors to help you further your reach is wonderful and exciting and can be stressful as well. It takes time to find those right team players and to get used to running a team.

So here’s a piece of advice when building your team: HAVE regularly scheduled team meetings. I know it’s easy to see team meetings as a waste of time, time you are paying for, for someone not to conduct their core work for you. BUT take a minute to consider the greater benefit of conducting those meetings:

Bigger Picture

If you are building a team of people who you hope to keep long-term, it’s important for them to understand the bigger picture of your business.

When you only work on a task, that’s all it is a task, nothing that has a larger purpose. When your team can see the bigger picture, when they can see their place in that picture, they hopefully will be more proud in their tasks, and be more loyal to you and your vision.

A strong team requires a strong leader, and a strong leader conveys their larger vision. They lead through that vision. If you aren’t sharing your vision with your team, you are missing a piece to building a strong team.

Better Buy-In

Your team is most likely made up of people who also have other clients, meaning you aren’t their one and only focus, they don’t live and breath your business like you do.

By having regular check-ins and keeping your team in the loop on your goals and plans, you are giving them time and motivation to be more checked-in to your business.

You know the saying, out of sight, out of mind. Well, you can make sure you aren’t out of sight by making that point of contact a consistent.

Leverage Your Team’s Expertise

You have a team, so use them! Don’t view team meetings as a “waste” of time; view your meeting time as a chance to leverage those smarts you hired. While someone’s expertise might be, graphic design that doesn’t mean that can’t give you feedback on how to better engage your audience or help you brainstorm a name for your next webinar.

Many online contractors can bring knowledge from more than their field of expertise because they work in the online space for clients and themselves.

Frequency of Meetings

The frequency is up to you. And it can depend on your team role members, the size of your team, and the phase you are in your business.

I would recommend at least bi-weekly with any members who touch your business daily, monthly for members who touch your business weekly. If you are starting with just one team member like a VA, I would recommend that you do start off with weekly meetings.

If you have a big project going on, you might change monthly meetings to weekly meetings.

If you are in a slow down period or maintenance mode in your business, then you may consider dialing back to monthly or quarterly meetings.

And never be afraid to throw in one-off meetings when the situation calls for it. Sometimes things are better-communicated face-to-face (or zoom to zoom).

The frequency should make sense for you and your team; the important thing is to have some time set aside and set the expectation that this is a regular part of being on your team.

If you want to build a team, then the best way to do that is to bring those members into your vision and your goals. A great medium to do that is to have team meetings. Share with them the big picture, and make them feel like part of that picture.

If you are growing your business and hiring a team, then you want to make sure your business operations are there to support that growth. Not sure if your operations have your back? Book a chat with me. I’m happy to give you some tips plus I have a few packages that can help you make sure your systems are ready for your growth.

Build a better team! Why regular team meetings should be part of your plan.
Build a better team! Why regular team meetings should be part of your plan.