Why Tailwind Rocks At Maximizing My Pinterest Strategy

For two years in a row, Tailwind has shown up on my list as an investment in my business that is worth the money.

Pinterest is my #1 referrer of traffic of all my social media channels. Pinterest made up 83% of my social media traffic referrals in 2018 (which makes up about 50% of my overall traffic).

And Tailwind is what makes it so easy to be able to maintain that strategy with minimal time investment.

Below are a few of the features that make Tailwind my go-to scheduler, and a tool that in my opinion is well worth the money.

Watch the video walkthrough to see how these features work!

Set it and Forget It

The smart-queue lets you pin, pin away and it will spread them out and optimize them to make sure your account stays active.

Being able to schedule and spread your pins out makes batching your Pinterest schedule easy breezy. You can quickly move pins to any time slot you want by dragging and clicking, you can shuffle your pins, and you can lock your pins, so they don’t get shuffled.

💡Tip: Reset your schedule once per quarter. I reset my general schedule to make sure my queue slots are optimized.

Loop Feature

The set it and forget it has been increased with Tailwinds (newish) Loop feature. This lets you make sure your best pins are being spread consistently.

You control where and what pins are looped and can even set board rules to make sure you don’t violate group board rules or over pin to boards.

Interval Scheduling

OMG easily pin one pin to multiple boards and have it be separated out by the amount of time of your choosing. I love this feature. And paired with the next feature (board groups), holy pinning time-savings Batman.

Board Groups

You can group boards together, so if you have 5 boards that relate to social media you can create a group of those boards and then pin to all those boards in one click.

I have it set up so that I can pin to multiple group boards at one time, but I don’t group ALL my group boards together. The reason for this is because I don’t want the same pin going to all my group boards, I like different group boards at a time to have different pins. It keeps more of a variety of pins rotating.


Basically, another way to get your pins rotating further on Pinterest. Very similar to Pinterest group boards, but they live on Tailwind.

A similar concept–a group of people are in a “tribe”, you add your pins and then pin from other people’s pins in the tribes.

I get consistently a 100+ new followers a month and my website traffic grows each month from Pinterest since I’ve started using Tailwind. Plus I know the features offered by Tailwind saves me hours each week.

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