Why It’s Important to Start Building Processes & Systems For Your Business #bloomhustlegrow #business101 #businesshowto

Let’s talk business processes/systems! This is one step that I find many business owners tend to ignore for far too long. I know when it seems like we need to do all the things, we get overwhelmed and do none of the things. Small steps and tackling one process at a time adds up, so just start small and work through building process one by one. Building systems around your business processes is important because it…

Builds Consistency: Having systems and documented processes in place allows you to maintain consistency within your business. While we are often quick to think, I do this each week I can remember what to do, the reality is that we often can and will miss a step. Developing checklists and documenting your processes makes sure you don’t forget that call to action, that thank you email or that one-month follow-up.

Accelerates Workflow: Documenting your processes and building systems around those processes allows you to find areas to automate or outsource. And again while we think we can remember it all, having it documented is much faster to reference than trying to remember the steps or having to backtrack to do missed steps. This can be especially true for activities you only do only once in a while.

Creates A Foundation For Growth: Speaking of outsourcing, documenting how you do parts of your business is a wonderful way to be prepared to outsource some of those steps. Training someone is going to be 12,000 times easier* if you have already documented what your process is for that task. It also makes sure even when you hand that task off it’s still done to your specifications (circling back to consistency). *not an actual fact 😃 , but that’s what it will feel like

Keep It Simple

Most of the time people resist establishing systems for their processes because they think system = software= complicated. A system does not have to be complicated or software! You should think of it more as documenting your process not systemizing to get you started because that is what it is.

How To Get Started

Next time you write a blog post, start work with a client, do your books, or whatever other fundamental action you take in your business pay attention. Open a Google document (or your word processor of choice) and jot down the steps you take to do that task. Boom! You just documented your process!

Now there can be steps to take after; like figuring out how to organize these notes, how to make following these steps part of your routine, or figuring out if parts of your process would be automated or even possibly outsourced. But to get started focus on documenting, you will be amazed at what clarity and control just that step can bring to your business.

Also, don’t worry about it being perfect. Your systems and processes will continue to evolve and grow as your business evolves and grows. You should be refining and improving your processes, so the sooner you get started, the sooner you will improve them!

Not sure where to start when it comes to building processes for your business? I recommend starting with these 4 areas first. 

How To Keep It Organized

If you have been following me for a while than you know my answer for keeping all the things organized is TRELLO (and if you are new than let me introduce you to your new best business friend). Trello is what I use to organize all my workflows, it’s amazing. And with the Trello 101 course you can get see how Trello can help you get organized too. I give you templates and walkthroughs of some of the boards that started my love of Trello!

Want to take Trello a step further to organizing your business? Join me for Plan Your Year With Trello. Learn my ultimate system for using Trello to plan my year and keep my business on track.  I will guide you through exactly how I use Trello to plan my year, and then how that plan is translated into action.

Why It’s Important to Start Building Processes & Systems For Your Business #bloomhustlegrow #business101 #startyourbusiness