Why Revenue Goals Should Always Be a Part Of Your Yearly Planning Process

Last week I shared all about how important Networking is to my business goals and a central part of my yearly planning.

The other essential part of planning my year is revenue goals. My revenue goals then inform MUCH of my marketing strategy and my planning process for those areas in my business.


Your revenue goals should be the guide for your marketing strategy. Start with what you want to make, then the rest will follow. The ultimate goal of your marketing strategy is to produce income for your business.

While you might have secondary goals for what you offer and why you do what you do, if you are running a business, you MUST make revenue goals. And those goals should help you craft your overall marketing plan for your business.

So set your revenue goal, and then plan out how you will reach that goal.

What exactly will you sell to be able to reach that goal?

Offer Goals

Now that you know what revenue goal you have to hit. Map out how you will reach that goal.

What mix of products/offers will you sale to make that revenue goal?

I know exactly how many of each of my offers I need to sale to reach that revenue goal. Knowing what offers I need to promote, then informs my planning of my overall marketing strategy and what my content focus will be.

I map what quarters or months will be focused on what offers.

Of course, if you only have one offer, then you know what your promotion should be focused on.

Want help on evaluating what you are offering? Check out this blog post.


Now that you know what you need to promote and where your focus should be each quarter/month. Your content whether that is a blog post, opt-in, video, or Instagram caption should be supporting your goal of selling that offer.

Does this mean ALL your content will be buy my thing, NO, but it does mean that you are focusing on giving your audience resources and education that will lead them to the offer of focus.

How will your content support you in promoting your offers, therefor supporting your revenue goals?

How Trello Keeps It All Organized

All of this is managed and planned using Trello, the revenue and offer goals are set in my Yearly Planning board, my overall quarterly marketing focuses are set in my 90-Day Plan board and the content plan for each month is planned and managed in my editorial calendar.

Not only does having it in one place help me stay on track and focused on my goals, at the end of the year I can easily see what efforts I put into my marketing strategy and how those efforts paid off (or didn’t pay off).

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to feel like we are always selling or we are “pushing” our offers too much, but the reality is often you aren’t asking for the sale enough.

I can go back and look at months I did not make my revenue goals and look through the blog posts and newsletters I published and see where, that month I might have mentioned the offer, but didn’t really ask anyone to buy. Having that information at your fingertips can be quite eye-opening.

It allows you to evaluate your marketing strategy better, and what is working or not working. It can also help you determine if it’s really the offer itself that’s a flop or if it’s your marketing efforts or lack thereof.

If you want my full yearly planning system, grab Manage Your Business With Trello! Start your year all organized and focused, and end your year knowing exactly what worked or didn’t work.