Are you killing yourself to maintain your content and social media schedule? Stop and read this! #bloomhustlegrow #contentstrategy #marketing #marketingtips

You don’t need to produce more content; you don’t need to churn out 100s of blog posts to successfully market your business. Yes you need visibility, yes you need to educate your audience, to establish yourself as an expert, but that doesn’t require 3 blog posts a week.

I see so many entrepreneurs killing themselves to keep up their content and social media schedule, but all that extra work is not serving them or their business. They somehow got it into their head or read an article saying you have to post blog 2 times a week and post x number of times on Instagram.

Consistency is key, focus is key, message is key but quantity not so much.

You can’t write 3 blog posts and expect people to see you as an expert or understand your message, but writing one a week will serve you as well as 2 if your message and topics are focused, and you take the time to put out quality content.

I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying it; it’s better to use your time promoting what you have, not creating extra new content.

Your audience has more time to consume what you are putting out.

I can tell you, I’ve unfollowed or unsubscribed from content producers because they are just putting out too much, it was impossible to keep up, and I would feel overwhelmed with 7 new podcast episodes to try to get through.

Give your audience a chance to hear your message and consume your content. Give your audience a chance to notice your content by telling them more than once when a new piece comes out.

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

I swear I’m harping on this subject ALL the time. But it’s important.

You need a focus to your content strategy; you can’t throw a million and one topics at your audience and expect them to be able to identify what you are known for. You need to keep your topic focused. You can do this by talking about the same thing, and going about your topic from different angels.

Expand on what you are writing about, can you break the topic down into smaller topics and write about those? Can you talk about more advanced or next steps on the same topic? How can you keep explaining and breaking down your given area of expertise to your audience?

Grab 25 ways to get you started on repurposing your content.

Too many entrepreneurs get bored with the topic or think their audience is going to get bored. Guess what? You want them to get bored; you want them to be like oh geez that’s the Pinterest girl or Marketing lady, you want them to see you as someone who can’t shut up about X topic. And they aren’t really bored; it’s just your perception.

Yes, if you are constantly only promoting the 5 same blog posts for 6 months, people are going to get tired of it, but once you have a bank you can rotate through, and you show up consistently on social media and with your newsletter, don’t be afraid to cut your editorial calendar back.

Your audience is always growing

Your audience should always be growing, so there are always fresh eyes and ears. People who need to read that article from six months ago or those beginner instructions.

Also, people aren’t tracking your every move, yes you feel like it’s repetitive, but it’s not perceived that way when you are an audience member, and you are filtering 12 million pieces of information a day from 100s of sources. Seriously think about all the topics your brain has to interact with a day from social media, email, websites, searches.

The blog post you wrote 6 months ago or a year ago is not less relevant today than it was when you wrote it. There are some exceptions to this, but most blog posts can and are evergreen. This blog post is going to be true 6 months from now, as it is today.

Consistency is not the same as frequency

Consistency doesn’t mean producing more posts (even on social media), it’s about building your audience’s trust and expectations of when they can expect to hear from you. It’s hard to buy from someone who falls off the face of the earth (I mean internet), only to show back up to promote their next service or course, and then fade away again. But that doesn’t mean you need to be everywhere, all the time, with as much new content as possible.

Bottom line ask yourself where all that new content is getting you?

❏ Make it your mission to be that girl that won’t shut up about X.

❏ Reuse, recycle, and repurpose what you have.

❏ Promote what you have.

❏ Create quality content that you are proud to shout from the rooftops about, and maintain a schedule that allows you to do that!