Why I think the HUSTLE is part of the entrepreneurial journey #entrepreneur #businesstips #solopreneurs

What HUSTLE means to me…

Some people have a problem with the word hustle and equate it to being busy or working 18 hours a day. To me, the hustle means stop dilly-dallying and FOCUS.

In high school playing sports, our coach used to shout HUSTLE regularly. Typically when we were moving from one activity to another, where we had the tendency to drag out feet, like going from practicing serves to having to do suicide sprints. Whatever we could do to delay the start of something we dreaded. OR when we weren’t focused on the task at hand, HUSTLE. It meant get your ass in gear and focus at the task at hand.

Hustle has nothing to do working long hours or even staying busy; it’s about FOCUSING on the task that translates to the end result. You can “work” 18 hours tweaking your website for the 4000th time or liking 5000 posts, but that’s not really hustling because none of those things are the results driver. That’s dilly-dallying.

You need FOCUS when it comes to your business. You aren’t going to grow a business by lallygagging around, doing one thing for a minute and then being distracted by the next shiny thing which you try for a week and abandon.

You need to have intention, focus, and a plan. It’s about hustling to do what you know you need to do for your business whether it’s fun or not and in the time you have to dedicate to it whether that is 2 hours, 4 hours or 12 hours.

I’ve always been fairly obsessed with things being efficient. I want to figure out how to do things better, easier, or just in a way that makes the most sense. Honestly, it’s a natural state for me, I make comments when we go out to eat or shop about how things could be set-up better, or I *might* inform my husband on the regular how things can be done just a little more efficiently.

As Bloom Hustle Grow has developed, the more I’ve come to embrace that while my topics might vary, they all are geared at making the entrepreneurial journey easier. I do see business as a journey (you’ve got to Bloom To Hustle To Grow).

So here at Bloom Hustle Grow, it is all about the Hustle, making the Hustle easier that is, so you can build your dream! It’s about building systems that make running your business easier, it’s about simplifying, streamlining, and organizing, and it’s about making sure you are taking action that gets you to your goals. That you are making the most of your time and spending your time where it’s getting you to your goals.

Check out my work with me page to find out how I can help make your hustle easier.