How I plan out my week as an entrepreneur. The step by step break down of my planning process.

This is the full behind the scenes breakdown of how I schedule out my week and manage my day to day schedule in my business. I’ve shared bits and pieces before but this is the full big picture of my whole process. 🤓 This process has been refined and tweaked a lot, though I always think there is room for improvement. Are you ready?!?

A few things you should know about me:

I like to have a routine, but I hate to feel like it’s too much of a routine. I don’t like to feel like I have to do the same thing day in and day out.

I like to be scheduled and planned but not TOO scheduled (see above).

I have days where I struggle with focus and mental fatigue/physical fatigue. When I first started working for myself, it felt like every afternoon I was wiped by 2 or 3. I truly think part of that was the fact that I didn’t have a good routine to my day and I would waste so much mental energy on things like when should I shower, walk the dog or eat lunch, it was like every decision was a mental battle. Scheduling in more breaks and shorter time blocks of focus have also helped with this.

Some days I feel on fire and ignore my schedule (minus set appointments of course) and will just keep working on a new idea or if I feel like writing is flowing will just go with.

Tools of the process


Keeps my project tasks + my recurring weekly tasks (like my editorial calendar, newsletter, social media scheduling, etc.).

Get To Work Book
I use it to do my full weekly schedule/planning.

Colored Pens

Because pretty colors. 😍 But also I like to have set appointments in different colors, then my day-to-day activities.

Google Calendar/Acuity

Acuity automatically books my client appointments, that then connect to Google calendar. I also put deadlined random tasks such as guest posts in my calendar. And of course personal appointments.

Process outline and working blocks

My schedule is broken down four into main categories

  1. Appointments (this is anything that has a set time with another person whether clients, personal, coffee chats)
  2. Recurring tasks like blog posts, newsletters, social media scheduling, email. Things that happen in my business each week.
  3. Project tasks (new offerings, opt-ins, new strategies/learning, one-off or one-time tasks)
  4. Personal/Self Care

I do incorporate batching, but not in a full day sense. Here’s my version of batching:

I do block off Monday mornings to allow myself to ease into the week and play catch-up on any routine activities that might not have been completed in the prior week.

Friday afternoons I try for inbox zero and just clean up and reset for next week.

I’ve recently started trying to batch all my blog posts for the month in the first week of the month. It’s not all in one day, but I spread writing blocks throughout that first week of each month. This allows me to be less distracted by “having” to get a blog post done for the next week, for some reason blog posts take up a lot of mental space for me.

How my week gets planned

On Friday or Sunday of each week:

I get out my Get To Work Book (daily planner), and I schedule out my week.

I start by filling in all my set appointments (stored in Google calendar).
Then I make a list of tasks I need to accomplish that week on the bottom of the planning page (those are pulled from Trello mostly, with a few deadlines from Google maybe).

At the end of each day:

I schedule out my next day.
I double check my calendar and make any adjustments needed to set appointments.
Then I fill in my time blocks.

My time blocks:

A. Tasks from the bottom of the planning page
B. Recurring everyday tasks like checking email/social media engagement/batching
C. Self-care/personal time

My basic daily structure

I’m sharing with you what my day generally looks like. This does not include client appointments just because those go where they go but this is the basic structure I use to work around those appointments or if I have an appointment free day. I’m constantly redefining my days and trying to figure out when I’m more focused/have energy for certain tasks.

6:00 am -7:00 am:

Water, tea, check email, Instagram (maybe Facebook) OR reading, check my schedule for the day

7:00 am -10:00 am:

Workout (3 x week)

Tea/Email/Social Media/Reading

10:00 am-12:00 pm:

Start the first Pomodoro by 10:00: 2 or 3 cycles set, then the last 30 minutes I do clean-up/maybe email or clear off desktop/connect files to Trello cards, etc. It just depends on what I was working on during the Pomodoros.

12:00-1:00 pm
Eat lunch/walk (when I make it a priority)

1:00-2:00 pm
Social Media batching/Planning/Learning

2:00 pm-4:00 pm:

Start second round of Pomodoro by 2:00

4:00 pm -5:00 pm:

Social media/email/learning

Plan out tomorrow’s schedule

5:00 pm-6:00 pm:

Typically I do social media scheduling or finish up emails/respond to notifications while the husband makes dinner. I tend to do Pinterest/social media batching while I watch tv in the evening too…I have a very hard time just sitting and watching tv.

I’m always tweaking and playing with my schedule, especially the self-care side trying to figure out what keeps me at maximum performance. 😊 I’m pretty happy with the overall structure, and it’s been serving me well. I could cut out the Get To Work Book and put blocks into Google Calendar, but it’s just a personal preference for me to plan on paper. It feels more real to me on paper then sitting in my electronic calendar.

If you want learn how I use Trello to organize my business tasks, grab Manage Your Business With Trello!