Understanding business operations

What are business operations?

Generally speaking, it’s your system for doing things. Your system encompasses your tools and processes (aka steps) for executing that action in your business. 

Most people use systems and processes interchangeably, and that is really ok. It doesn’t really matter what you call it. Ultimately, your business operations are your systems and process, and all that is…IS HOW YOU GET SHIT DONE IN YOUR BUSINESS.

Your business operations are the structures you use to execute your “strategies.” 

Your strategies are what you decide to do for your different business functions. Deciding to use Instagram versus TikTok is a strategy, posting 3 times a week to Reels is a strategy, and what hashtags you use is all part of your “strategy” for using Instagram to market your business.

The WHAT you are doing is your strategy; the HOW you do it is your operations supporting that strategy. 

So whether you are lip-syncing, finger-snapping, or dancing, your OPERATION for this is to RECORD (aka create) + POST, and your Reel–the song, the movements, and the topic/content is all part of your STRATEGY. 

Business operations take the strategy of using Reels from idea to published.

Your business operations go WAY beyond your marketing strategy, of course. Your business operations support you in running the business you want to run.

Your business operations are HOW you run your business, the doing of all the things. The strategies are the WHAT you are doing, essentially what you choose to spend your time and energy towards.

Your whole business is WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO and then HOW DO YOU DO IT:

  • Why do I want to have this business?
  • What am I going to offer to fulfill the above?
  • How do I deliver that?
  • How do I market that?
  • How do I execute that strategy?
  • How do I keep the offer + my marketing efforts organized and executed? What tools, what processes?
  • How do I make sure I’ve aligned with my why?

Business operations is your structure to growing the business of your dreams. It supports you wherever your strategy and vision for your business take you.

Want help answering some of the above HOWs and getting a structure to help keep your business on track? Join me in From Chaos to Clarity to get your business operations organized in one centralized hub. 

This course answers what processes do I need to build the foundation of the basic operations to my business +  how do I make sure my operations are organized.