The cost of disorganization in your business. An easy way to get started with being a more organized (and less stressed) #bosslady #getorganized #businessoperations

Being organized is something that’s easy to overlook.  However, disorganization can cause a lot of unnecessary stress, loss of time, frustration, and impacts your day-to-day operations.

So don’t drag that frustration into another year with you.

How To Get Started Being More Organized

❏ This week pay attention to those little annoyances disorganization might be causing in your day.

Is it…
A draw in your desk that spills things out every time you open it?
Always spending the first 15 minutes of starting a project searching for files?
Having to google a site you visit weekly/daily?
Having to search for client emails?

❏ Instead of just letting those little annoyances build up, take time this week to do something about it.

Clean out that draw (even if that means just moving things you don’t need to a to-sort box), start a better filing system, bookmark those sites you often use, create better inbox folders for important emails.

Bottom line instead of running into those same issues weekly or daily take action!

My Secret Weapon

Trello has helped me overcome many of the above little annoyances, which is why I’m so obsessed. 😍 I know I can open a board, a card, and almost all the information I need to tackle that task will be right in front of me.

Little annoyances caused by disorganization doesn’t just cost you the few extra minutes dealing with them; they also cost you in mental energy and stress. Each little ping can make you less motivated and focused throughout your day. 🤯

Again, you can start small, figuring out fixes to things one-by-one is the way to go. You don’t have to revamp all your systems at once or organize ALL your files, slowly start fixing it as you go.

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Want a system that will keep you organized all year long, and give you a centralized spot to store all your business operations. Get Manage Your Business With Trello and get your year started more organized and systemized.

The cost of disorganization in your business. An easy way to get started with being a more organized (and less stressed) #bosslady #getorganized #businessoperations