When tackling your business operations, I recommend getting your systems and processes in place for your offers first. Your offers, after all, are what makes your business a business, they are what is bringing in your money. 

Having strong systems for your offers means less stress for you and less stress for your clients. It also ensures you are delivering a more consistent service to your clients and gives you a place to refine and optimize from.

1. Your onboarding systems

How does someone become your client or buy your offering?

  • how does someone contact you to start working with you
  • what information is needed
  • how do they pay you

2. Your delivery systems

How do you deliver said service/product to your client (what is needed for you to perform and deliver this service)?

3. Your internal process(s)

All steps associated you perform manually documented in your project management tool of choice + templates + any other assets associated with each offer.

4. Your offboarding systems

What happens once you deliver your service or product to your client?

  • asking for feedback
  • reviews
  • testimonials
  • moving/deleting of files/assets

5. Your optimization process

Regular reviews of your offers + your processes. How can they be improved to better serve YOU and your clients?

Start with each offer you have and go down each category above documenting and organizing any assets/links/templates needed for each part of your offer. This would be best if done in your project management tool, but if you don’t have that just pull up a google doc and list out all the above, and put in links to assets.

👀 WATCH this video for an example of how I document one of my offers using Trello (my project management tool of choice) 👇

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