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Trello Basics: The Main Components Of Using Trello

Trello Basics: Boards, Lists, and Cards Explained

I often talk on the blog about how I utilize Trello in my business, but not so much about the technical aspects of what Trello is. In today’s post, I’m going to walk you through the basic features of Trello. Answering what’s a board, what’s a list, and what are cards. These are the three […]

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10 Ways Trello Can Get You & Your Business Organized

10 Ways Trello Can Get You Organized

When it comes to one tool, I can’t live without in my business, that is hands-down Trello. Trello keeps me and my business on track and organized. I use Trello to document and follow all my processes and workflows, keep my content organized, track clients, launch projects, and more! If you aren’t familiar with Trello […]

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