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Put Instagram To Work For Your Service Business

Tips on how to use Instagram for your service based business. Plus examples of how other service based businesses are rocking Instagram to connect with their audience and get clients.

Instagram can seem challenging when you don’t have a physical product to showcase, but I want to say to you, get creative. Instagram is one of my favorite platforms to spend time on. I love all the pretty pictures, and just enjoy the overall interaction, it feels cleaner and less distracting than some of the […]

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In a Facebook Group? 5 Facebook Must Haves.

If you are promoting your business in Facebook Group, these are the 5 Facebook elements you must have. #networking #marketing #facebook

Do you participate in Facebook groups as part of building your business? Then you are using Facebook as a social media channel, and you need to make sure you are not missing out on clients and connections because you don’t see Facebook as part of your social media strategy. I’m the first to admit I’m […]

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