Bring more YOU to Your Brand

Show more YOU in your brand and business! This tv show gave me an unexpected push to do just that!

How a reality tv show got me to break through my fear of bringing me to my business writing. This is a little crazy but here goes. I’ve always had a hard time bring personality or me to my writing, even as a child. I loved a good book report or research paper but HATED […]

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Why Branding Is Important

Why Branding Is Important by Brianne of Brightly & Co.

I’m thrilled to have Brianne of Brightly & Co. today on the blog, sharing some of her branding knowledge!! You might be thinking, but Mariah, you promised us systems and processes this month, and yes, yes I did. However, I think as you read through’s Brianne’s post you are going to see the connection. But […]

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