Social Media Schedulers For The Solopreneur

Social media typically plays a huge role in running a business, and can be quite time-consuming. Make your solopreneur life just a little easier by using a social media scheduler to automate some of your posts.

This is one question that I see come up in Facebook Groups over and over, “What do you use to schedule your social media posts?” I pulled together many of the responses and I’m providing you a simple comparison to make your decision a little easier. The comparison and packages of the social media schedulers are from a solopreneur standpoint and information provided is for lower level packages (meaning usually one user, and enough social media profiles for a single business). This is not a comparison of packages if you are managing multiple accounts as part of an offered service.

Keep in mind what you really need your scheduler to do. There is no reason to pay 6 times as much if you don’t really have a lot of content you need to recycle or very many posts to share. If you are mostly looking for a scheduler to keep you active and share your 1 to 2 blog posts a week, you should be considering if you are getting your monies worth. With any system you pick, you can change later as you grow.

Quick Comparison

Comparison of 8 Social Media Schedulers

See more details below on each service: # of profiles, # of users, free trial periods, and more. The schedulers are listed by order of the chart, which starts with services that offer some kind of free (lifetime) option.  

As a side note, with Instagram there is no third party direct posting allowed under their policies, so I assume that most of these offer similar service as Later. Meaning you plan the post with the service and then you manually post at the chosen time. While I know it would be easier if you could just schedule even if that was an offer, you should be careful about violating IG terms of use.


I personally use Buffer for Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest.

  • Free* up to 10 scheduled posts at a time.
  • The Awesome plan is $10 a month for 2 users, 200 posts, and up to 12 profiles. Which is very reasonable in terms of pricing.
  • User-friendly, easy to set-up and understand. I like to use it in the monthly view, which is in beta, but works fine most of the time.
  • *Free Offer (forever) is 10 posts scheduled at a time and one profile for each channel (except Pinterest). You can try out the Pinterest feature for free for 7-days.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn


I would say is the runner-up to Buffer, but no Pinterest option. Hootsuite has been around a long time and is very popular.

  • Free for up to 3 profiles, plus no low scheduling limit that Buffer offers.
  • Free 30-day trial of the Pro Plan. Pro Plan is $9.99/month, billed annually.
  • Pro Plan includes up to 50 profiles, and 1 user (additional fee to add extra users).
  • Offers many integrations (at a cost).
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn


  • Free Plan: Forever up to 6 profiles, limited to 10 scheduled posts.
  • Save 15% on pricing with paid annually.
  • Professional Plan (9.99) includes up to 15 profiles and 3 users, unlimited pending posts.
  • Built in watermark feature.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn

  • Free basic plan for up to 3 social profiles (not sure on scheduling limit). Pinterest is not included on free plan.
  • $10 a month or if paid annually 8.49/month (101.89/yr)
  • Paid plan is up to 10 profiles, does not list number of users available. While the below says Instagram, there was not an option to connect Instagram when you log in.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn

DLVR Social Media Scheduler Offering


  • 14 day free trial. Individual plan is $15/month.
  • 20% off monthly price if paid annually.
  • 5 profiles on Individual plan, 1 user.
  • Integrates with Canva
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn


  • Free 14-day trial, no payment required.
  • $15/month if billed annually as opposed to $19/month-to-month. Up to 5 profiles. 1 user.
  • Check out their video to get a sneak peek of what CoSchedule can do. CoSchedule has a wordpress plugin that makes it unique from the other providers.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn


  • I’m not sure that they offer a free trial. It seems from their copy that you pay but can cancel within the first 30 days. You must request an invite to sign up.
  • Up to 1000 updates with the starter plan and 10 profiles. Starter plan is $49 a month.
  • From what read, the advantage of Edgar is that it helps curate your posts easier for reshares by basically building a library of posts. They have gotten a lot of press lately.
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Sprouted Social

  • Offers a free 30-day trial, no payment requested.
  • Offer a 10% discount if paid annually.
  • The Deluxe plan includes 5 profiles, 1 user for $59 a month.
  • Allows a draft feature for posts and a social media inbox.
  • Sprouted Social seems very analytics driven.
  • The Instagram feature is more about tracking than planning posts.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn

What social media scheduler do you use? 

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