Just like as in life, there are seasons to your business. And I’m not talking about Black Friday or the holidays. 

I’m talking about understanding the flow of your business and letting go of the shoulds.

We have been so bombarded with Marketing advice that we sometimes forget to step back and ask ourselves, do we NEED to be doing this? Does this make sense right now? Do I really have time for this?

Creating content, being visible, and learning new platforms can be great, but it’s not a must in your business – all the time.

When you get really busy with serving your clients (or in your life) it’s ok to cut back on your Marketing, it’s ok to reduce your content and your overall strategy.

And many people who preach this, you must be showing up, etc., don’t practice it. Look at Amy Porterfield or Marie Forleo they increase their marketing when launching, but you 100% see a lot less of them when they aren’t actively promoting their main ticket items (but they still preach this concept of sticking to a more routine marketing strategy).

Here’s the deal with consistently creating content, it gives you visibility, especially if you aren’t booked with clients, and gives you the stuff to pull from reuse/repurpose/repromote when you do need to put your energy towards other business activities.

That’s where the real magic of “consistent” content creation comes in; it’s when you have a good library of content to fall back on.

It also provides you the run-way to bring on clients. Basically, if you aren’t spending time serving your clients, then it’s good to be using that time towards visibility activities.

Don’t be afraid to pull back and reduce your time in your Marketing activities (or any part of your business) when you need. Recognize the season you need to be in your business, and don’t put unneeded pressure to do things that aren’t a priority.

Only you can truly pick what you have time for and what should be prioritized in your business. BUT it’s easy to guilt yourself otherwise (oh boy is it easy), and you can spend a lot of unnecessary energy telling yourself you “SHOULD” be doing xyz.

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