Onboarding Better

Onboarding Better!

Step up your client experience and project efficiency with an audit of your onboarding process.

When you start a new client project, do you do things a little bit differently each time? Do you get the same questions over and over again, or do your clients often get stalled or confused? Do you get what you need from clients when you need it, or are you constantly chasing things down?

We’re all so close to our own businesses that it can be hard to step back and see our offerings with a fresh set of eyes – but that’s exactly what we ask our clients to do.

With Onboarding Better, we’ll look at every piece of your onboarding system to create a smoother, more effective experience for you and your clients. Together, we’ll go through your process, from your initial point of contact to the start of the project. This program will not only help you create an elevated, thoughtful client experience, but it will also make you more organized, efficient and confident in the services you provide.

So, what do you get?

  • Improvements to your process
  • Suggestions for handling client information and communication effectively
  • Edits to intake forms, confirmation emails and follow-up emails
  • Recommendations on tools & integrations, if needed

How does it work?

  1. I’ll go through your process as a client would
  2. We’ll have a 45-minute meeting where we’ll identify the pain points you experience as the business owner
  3. You’ll receive a written report with recommendations on changes to implement

Who’s it for?

This program is ideal for branding strategists, web designers, photographers, content marketers, coaches, or anyone else who has a multi-step process to onboarding clients. This program is also great for leaders of courses or group/membership programs, where we’ll work on your student onboarding process.

This program is not for simple pay-and-book service providers, or businesses that have no established onboarding system at all.

Improving your onboarding process will make your business run more efficiently, save you time, and delight your clients.

I’m excited to work with you!