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With Manage Your Business With Trello, you get my system for planning and keeping your business on track.

Get Trello templates for my yearly planning board, business operations hubs, learning hub, 90-day planning board, and CRM board. There are video walkthroughs of each board where I explain my process and how each board works to support your business operations.

You get 5 templates + 5 walkthrough videos showing you how to customize each board. The modules also include suggested automations.


Manage Your Business With Trello

Your short-cut to getting your buisness operations organized using Trello!

We will cover:

MODULE 1: Yearly Strategic Planning Board

  • Yearly Strategic Intro Video [3:13]
  • Yearly Strategic Planning Board Walkthrough [39:31]

MODULE 2: Business Operations Hub

  • Business Operations Hub Board Walkthrough [18:02]

MODULE 3: Learning Hub

  • Learning Hub Board Walkthrough [8:04]

MODULE 4: 90-Day Planning Board

  • 90-Day Planning Board Walkthrough [23:20]

MODULE 5: CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • CRM Board Walkthrough [11:55]
  • Automation using Zapier [12:18]


  • End of Year Board Reset [7:52]
  • 90-Day Planning Quarterly Reset [9:30]
  • How To Beautify Your Boards  [8:05]
  • Trello Chrome Extensions [4:22]

Want a sneak peek at what the yearly strategic planning board looks like? 👇


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