Hustle Smarter: Strategic Planning To Get Your Business Growing

😬 Are you passionate about what you offer, but feel frustrated when it comes to getting your offer to your audience?

😜 Have you taken courses on how to grow your business, but still feel overwhelmed and confused by what you need to focus on to grow your business?

😔 Do you “know” what you should be doing, but can’t execute a strategy consistently and often find yourself stuck in indecision?

The 90 Day Treatment: This package is going to be get you organized and working towards very specific goals for the next 90-days.

With Hustle Smarter we will establish a basic marketing plan, set up systems around your plan, help you track your results for smarter decisions and get you into a consistent marketing routine.

You are not buying a one-size fits all strategy, you are learning to apply strategies to your business in a flexible, smart, and customizable way. Learn to lean into what feels right for your business and capitalize on your strengths.


The Hustle Smarter Package

Is a 6 week one-on-one program. Each week will focus on a specific topic on a 75-minute call:

Week 1: Overview of business, audience, and offerings

Week 2: Marketing Plan (email marketing/content)

Week 3: Marketing Plan (social media/networking)

Week 4: Marketing Processes/Tracking

Week 5: Client Processes

Week 6: Time Management

You Will Also Get:

  • A written summary for each established plan of action covered per week
  • Weekly task list + personalized feedback on methods to stay on track
  • All calls will be recorded so you can go back to refresh yourself on our conversation at any time.

These session and the plans crafted after each one are 100% customized to you, your strengths, your schedule, and your business. The goal as we work through the 6-weeks is to establish marketing foundations to your business that will allow you to grow, maintain motivation, and learn to adjust as you experiment strategically.


Before working with Mariah, I felt like I was trying to do everything all at once. Mariah helped me to set clear goals for my business. But she didn’t stop there – she made sure I was breaking down the goals into actionable steps and following through. After working with her, I know what I need to do to move my business forward and can focus on taking action.”

Sarah Anderson

Spitfire Scribe

Ready To Hustle Smarter?

Have questions and/or want to test me out? No pushy sales from this girl, I want you to be 100% comfortable with moving forward, come chat with me!


Are you ready to get started like NOW?

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  • Schedule your call and fill out the questionnaire.
  • Within 24 hours you will get a welcome packet email from me with lots of information for our journey.

“Mariah has saved me thousands of dollars by helping me strategize how to make my move. Instead of rushing into expensive and time consuming courses that may or may not help, she has worked with me to leverage my existing experience and education, while focusing on networking, building a portfolio and creating an online presence.”

Meredith Victor


Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s Hustle Smarter For?

Service-based business owners who are struggling with getting clients, and figuring out a marketing plan they can stick to. Most are typically in their first one to three years of business.


Who’s Not A Good Fit?

Bloggers so you don’t sell a service but only generate revenue through content creation (sponsorships, ads, affiliates, etc).

Business Owners who are booked out. If you are booked out and in need of help finding way to grow check out the Hustle Easier package.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, if you haven’t started your business yet. So if you don’t know what you will offer or who you will offer it to.


What if I have a vacation or other event during the next 6 weeks?

That is totally fine, while the program is meant to be consecutive weeks, adjustments can be made to accommodate your schedule.


Have more questions?

Seriously just book a 20-minute chat!
I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions. Learning about fellow bosses is the highlight of my week! 🤗

Mariah Tomkinson

Mariah Tomkinson

Mariah is a no-nonsense business coach ready to get your business goals into action. She has a MBA and BS in Business with a concentration in Marketing, and has spent many years saying, “that’s a great idea, but how are we going to execute that.”