Fan of BUJO? Then Trello Might Be Just Up Your Alley #planning #trello #trellotips

Are you familiar you BUJO (bullet journaling)? Have you spent no time on Pinterest or Instagram? 😉 BUJO stands for Bullet Journaling, the creative, customizable way to plan and organize your life. Well, I’m showing how Trello is just as flexible and creative.

With Bullet Journaling (BUJO) one of the big appeals is figuring out how you want to set up your notebook, to develop something that works for YOU. If you google bullet journaling, you will see so many different variations on style, ways to track, and layouts.

Well, it’s the same with Trello, there is always more than one way to organize your Trello boards, lists, and cards. It’s just a matter of figuring out what you want, and then usually there is a way to make that happen within Trello. You can track and organize how you want. It’s much like the Bullet Journal of the app world.

Being highly customizable is a trait of both BUJO + Trello, but let’s look at some other ways they are similar and some ways that I think Trello edges out BUJO.

Just like with bullet journaling there is no right way.

There is no “right” way to use it and the more you use it the further you will refine and discover what works for you. Most BOJU users are changing up their layouts, and even notebooks sizes. With Trello the more you use it, the more changes you will make. I’ve made SO many small tweaks and changes since I’ve started using Trello. Sometimes it’s small, and sometimes it’s a full revamp of how I approach the board.

You can make it as pretty or as simplified as you want!

I personally like to pretty up my Trello boards. I use graphics as board covers, and emjoi’s to give my boards just a little more visual appeal. Other people like their boards nice and simple, black and white.

How Trello beats BUJO

It’s highly portable.

Instead of a pile of notebooks, it’s all nicely contained in your electronic device of choice. 🤓 This year, next year, this month, 6 months all live in one neat space. AND it’s easily searchable which brings me to my next point.

Filter, Search, and Find Anything

While BUJO might be the ultimate creative outlet, Trello is the ultimate way to keep all those ideas organized. No flipping through dozens of pages or even worse not being able to find the “right” notebook. Trello allows you to filter, search, and organized in some many different ways.

Trello fits my life better.

As an online business owner, a BIG part of my day-to-day lives digitally. I don’t really feel like I work in an office, I work on the internet. The web is where I get to work and Trello helps keeps my files, links, and programs all in one place. No matter how great your paper organizational system is, it can only meet you part way.

Can’t we all get along?

BTW you can totally use BUJO and Trello together. Let BUJO be your creative outlet and then move all those big ideas over to live in Trello where they are ACTIONABLE.

While I think Trello can replace your paper planner of choice, you don’t need to ditch paper to make Trello work for you. BUT you could. 😉

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