How To Make Your Trello Boards Visually Appealing

One of my FAVORITE things about Trello is that you can make it very visual. I find it so much easier to navigate my boards/cards when I have visuals on the cards.

For some people, this might seem like a small thing, but it truly made a difference to me and helped me want to use Trello when I first got started. It makes me happy to have visually appealing boards.

I’m going to show you a few ways I utilize visuals on my boards to make them feel more inviting.

Here is a short video walkthrough on how to set-up card covers + change board background to make your Trello boards all beautified:

Card Covers

Card covers are the primary way to beautify your Trello boards. And you create card covers using the card attachment feature and uploading a jpg or png.

Here are a few screenshots from some of my boards and how I use card covers:

Note: On your board, you do have to have card covers enabled. Board > Show Menu > More > Settings > Card Cover Images Enabled

Watch this video for a more detailed tutorial of using Trello Card Covers 👇

Graphic Sizes

So to a certain extent, the height size of your graphics will be reflected on the card. Trello automatically tries to match the background color to fill in the width of the card.

Typically I use 400×200 px sized graphics. But I do like to vary the size graphics to have different visuals on boards.

Board Backgrounds

Of course, you can also beautify your boards with a pretty background. You can find that under the Board Menu > Change Background (see the video above).

You can add any photo you wish using the custom button or choose one from UnSplash, right from the Trello app. So many choices!

Each year, I like to go with a theme for my primary boards, like all cacti or flowers, this year it’s landscapes (I think-sometimes I get tired of my backgrounds and need a change).

Emojis 🌟

To add just a little more flair, I’m a heavy user of emojis on my cards.

I use them in my card titles and descriptions. Here are a few examples:

Want to learn my system for keeping my business on track all year long? Join me for Manage Your Business With Trello…psst, plus I include the card graphics I use on my yearly and 90-day boards (the ones I utilized last year and a new set for this year!). I told you I love my visuals, got to have new ones for the new year! 😉