#bloomhustlegrow #pinterest #marketing How To Make Pinterest Work For Your Business In 5 Easy Steps. It's an easy to start and maintain social media channel.

Guess what! There is no secret to making Pinterest work for you. Pinterest is one of the most straightforward social media platforms out there. And it’s my favorite!

Here at Bloom Hustle Grow, we are all about making the hustle easier. And Pinterest 100% delivers on that; it provides my business with a considerable return on time invested.

It’s the #1 driver of traffic to my website and accounts for 70% of my social media referral traffic. And I typically only spend about 1-2 hours a week on maintaining my strategy.

Here is what you need to make Pinterest work for your business:

#1. Good content.

Pinterest is not really going to work for you unless you have content that will drive your audience to you. You need something of value to share.

#2. Pins TO Your Content

Relates to #1 and maybe is implied BUT you have to share your own pins, you need pins out there that direct people to your site. This might seem obvious, but it still needs to be said. Your goal should be to drive people to your site, and therefore, you need to be creating and pinning lots of your own material.

#3. Vertical graphics are a MUST.

Also play around with your visuals. I recommend at least 2-3 different pin designs for each of your posts, products, opt-ins whatever you are pinning.

#4. Spread your pins far and wide. How do you do this?

  • Join group boards-this is an excellent way to push your pins further into the Pinterest feed. Group boards contain members that will pin your pins to their boards, resulting in your pins reaching their audience, plus group boards live on all members list of boards, also increasing your pins chances of being found.
  • Pin consistently. Your pins need to be circulating daily, so that means pinning daily (now not all your own pins because Pinterest will eventually not like that if all pins coming from your account are from one website) but 60/40 or 70/30 your pins/others pins is a good mix. A daily aim of 15-30 pins.

Tailwind makes this easy peasy! Try it out!

  • Repin your own pins to your group boards + your other related topic boards when scheduling. The number of repins, indicate to Pinterest’s bots that this pin is of value, so do your best to help that along by using your pins when pinning, not just pinning from your site directly.
  • Tailwind tribes. It’s like group boards in a way, a collection of pins from members. But not, since these tribes are part of the Tailwind platform. The pins from Tribes have to be pinned by the members onto Pinterest to do their work (so they don’t replace group boards) BUT are another avenue to expand your reach.

#5. Time

It takes time for you to see results on Pinterest. You aren’t going to pin 5 pins and see people streaming to your site. Pinterest requires you to keep at it and do it consistently.

BUT it’s not hard, by using Tailwind I’m able to maintain pinning between 30-45 pins a day, which takes me around 2 hours a week. You probably can do it in less time, I do it in front of the tv, and I will also schedule twitter and facebook curated content from those pins.


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