Get your content organized with a content bank! Template + how-to video.

If you are producing content, I’m going to guess you are investing a lot of time and maybe money into that process. So, you want your content to be making the biggest impact it can to drive traffic to your business. 

Part of ensuring you are getting the most bang for your time (or money), you need to have all that wonderful content organized.

Having a content bank is one of the best ways to make sure you are getting the most of that content you are creating.

For the sake of simplicity, my example is around blog posts, but content can be YouTube videos, podcasts, or another medium you create content in to promote your business.

Having a content bank is essentially having a library of all your blog posts in a nicely organized, central location that you can quickly grab from to promote, reuse, and update as needed.

No more searching through blog posts by date or category to share a post that might be relevant to a question in a facebook group or would be a good pitch example for that guest podcast.

Want to replace an out-dated or under-performing opt-in? If you have a content bank that’s been set-up properly, you should be able to pull up a list of what blog post that opt-in is a CTA for. Same with any offers or other promotions you might list in blog posts and need to update at a later date. 

Here is a short walkthrough of my content bank:

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