Revolutionize Your Business Operations Using ChatGPT

The 6 essentials of Business Operations categories is my framework to help business owners approach their business operations in a more simplified and intentional way. 

Because business operations is ALL the THINGs you do in your business, this framework helps you be more intentional when working on your business operations and determining what needs to be set-up, structured, and optimized. 

The 6 essential categories of business operations are:

Tools: any tools you use to run your business
Offers: you have to have something to sale
Marketing: your efforts to promote your offers
Information: inbox, files and digital assets
Business Management: what and how you run your business day-to-day
Strategic Planning: your goals and metrics that drive your strategies and business decisions

The 6 essentials of business operations are not stand-alone or isolated categories; they all work together to keep your business running smoothly and are very much intertwined. 

Learn more about the 6 Essentials of Business Operations in this blog post.

Now let’s see ChatGPT in action for each of the 6 Essentials Business Operations 👇 HIT PLAY!

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