Guide Your Growth: your roadmap to staying intentional and aligned in your business

If you are running your own business then the only WAY you should be doing that is YOUR way.

Guide Your Growth is all about realigning yourself to why you started your business in the first place and keeping that vision to guide you throughout the year and how you do business.

Many of us would list “freedom” as one of the reasons we started our own business. 

You may think freedom, and think time or schedule but freedom can extend to the way we work. How we honor not only our time but our energy, how we work best, finances, and more!

Just like in life, there are seasons and stages to your business.

Everything evolves–– you evolve, your clients evolve, your life outside of business evolves, the world evolves, your ideas evolve…

It’s important to evaluate and watch for signs of when change is needed within your business to better align with YOU.

Ready? Get Started Now.

Let’s make sure you are doing business the way you WANT!

Having plans and goals help you… 

Prioritize where your time, resources, and money go in operating your business.

Keeps you focused and not jumping from idea to idea or strategy to strategy.

Makes decisions easier because you have a destination to keep you on track.

Guide Your Growth Modules

it’s all about realigning yourself to why you started your business in the first place, taking a step back and evaluating what is working and not working in your business, what you like and don’t like about your business, and your overall goals and vision for your business.

Center + Align

Realign to why you started your business in the first place. This is about reclaiming what feels authentic to you in the way you run your businesses

Goal Setting Your Way

Focus on goals that are motivational, inspirational, and help you focus and prioritize your actions and strategy in your business.

North Star Goal

Find a focus for the way you move through your year ahead and anchor that to keep you motivated.

Evaluate Your Operations

Get a clear view of what’s working and not working in your business operations using the 6 Essentials of Business Operations framework.

Planning It Out

Make time to put your goal into action. Make the changes you need to realign your business to your goals and to your life.

Metrics + Tracking

Track your progress and choose metrics that actually matter to YOU.

And Bonus Lessons!

Dig into your Business OPerations To Make sure You don’t Drag The same frustrations into the new year

Questions to help you evaluate your business operations using the 6 Essentials Of Business Operations framework.

Get clarity on what’s working and not working within your business operations and strategies.

Make a plan on how to address what’s not working in your business.

Keep your business on track by measuring what matters to YOU, not what someone told you should matter.

What’s inside…

Videos for each of the modules and a workbook that follows each section

Get the workbook in a Google Doc or in a Notion template. You can totally add or delete questions that work best for YOU and your planning process.

Create a customized planning process you use year-after-year to help you plan and evaluate for your business.

Walk away with clarity and plans to address your business frustrations head-on and make sure you are building a business you want to build!

Meet Your Planning Guide! -Mariah

I love helping entrepreneurs find solutions to their everyday operational frustrations. There is NEVER ONE way to run your business and I’m here to help you discover that.

Running your business is not easy but it’s also not as hard as we sometimes make it on ourselves.

Let me help you get a fresh perspective to your everyday business operations.