Getting your marketing systems organized can be one of the most noticeable time savers in your business operations. Your marketing can be one of the places in your business that has the most moving pieces. 

Lack of solid systems and organization for your Marketing generally results in you not making the most out of what you are creating, spending more time than necessary on creation, and overall not promoting your offers consistently or enough.

If you have solid systems for your content creation, you are going to save time in your content creation but maybe more importantly having your content organized will allow you to make the most of it. 

There are 3 key components to any content strategy system:

Step 1: Create your processes for your content creation (check out this blog post to get a peek at my blog post process)

Step 2: Create a process for promoting your content

Step 3: Create a process/structure to organize it all

Watch this video to see how I utilize Trello to do all three of the above steps. I’m showing you this in Trello but what I show in this video can be done in ANY project management tool. 

Once you get your content process organized and structured. It’s then time to look at how you can make the most of the content you create. Content creation is quite a time-consuming activity, so getting the very most out of what you are creating is a MUST. 

Read more about making the MOST of your content in this blog post + download  25 Ways To Repurpose Your Content to help you get inspired. 

Want to get the templates + walkthrough videos to get your content systems started in Trello? Get Manage Your Business With Trello Bundle and get your content systemized and organized TODAY.