The Beginners Guide To Using ChatGPT for Your Small Business

Welcome to the world of ChatGPT, your new virtual assistant that can revolutionize the way you run your business. In this guide, we’ll explore what ChatGPT is and how you can harness its power to streamline your workflows, boost productivity, and enhance everyday operations.

What the heck is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a new way to harness the power of AI (artificial intelligence). It leverages the power of artificial intelligence to understand and generate human-like text responses. Known as chat-to-text technology.

Essentially you type your question or request, and ChatGPT magically comes up with an answer/output. No more sifting through search results or browsing endless forums. 

ChatGPT can tackle all sorts of inquiries, from giving you advice on marketing strategies, helping you brainstorm creative ideas for your business to drafting responses to emails from the mundane to a sticky complaint.

Whether you need help brainstorming ideas, seeking advice on a problem, or getting a second opinion, ChatGPT is there to lend a virtual hand.

Better than telling you, check it out in action ⬇️

What kind of tasks can it perform?

So many I couldn’t possibly name them all; yep not kidding. But let’s focus on why you are here, and let me give you a few examples of how you can use it for your business. Again, this is not even close to being ALL it can be used for.

ChatGPT help speed up your workflows and save you time and effort in:

Marketing/Content Strategy

Holy time-saver Batman, if you produce a lot of content and spend a good chunk of your time on marketing, get ready to figure out a new hobby you can fill your time with. 

It can speed-up your marketing/content strategy by:

  • Come up with topics/titles/headlines/naming of things
  • Outline blog posts, video scripts, podcasts
  • Summarize research or your own articles for reuse
  • Write social media posts to promote your offers/content
  • Help with SEO (keywords to metadata descriptions)
  • Turn your blog posts or transcripts into newsletter emails
  • Repurpose ALL the content…and MORE!

Everyday Operations

You know those things that take time out of your, day-to-day. Well, ChatGPT has your back.

It can help to:

  • Draft emails from customer service to podcast pitches
  • Identify frequently asked questions and create templated responses/communications
  • Identify ways to optimize your communications/processes
  • Summarize lengthy communications or a slew of Slack messages, anyone?
  • Communicate tasks more effectively/efficiently to team members/contractors
  • Provide step-by-step directions…and MORE!

Planning + Strategy

One of the challenges about being a solopreneur or someone running a small business without full-time employees, is you might not have anyone readily available to bounce ideas off of, brainstorm new directions or get feedback on new ideas. Now you do!

ChatGPT can help:

  • Create launch/content/social media plans
  • Provide feedback on your writings or ideas
  • Brainstorm new ideas/offers/topics/strategies
  • Suggest goals and metrics/KPIs (key-performance indicators) to track
  • Suggest schedules/deadlines/priorities for complex projects/timelines
  • Break-down pricing and financial strategies
  • …And MORE!

See a few examples of the above in action ⬇️

One of my favorite things about using ChatGPT is it gets me out of my own head and often sparks creative ideas or new directions-sometimes, even when I’m only asking for help with a subject line.

The above is just a portion of what it can do. Once you learn and start experimenting with ChatGPT you will discover more and more ways it can help you out.

What you need to know about using ChatGPT

Getting Started

You can sign-up for ChatGPT for free here. 

There is a paid version called ChatGPT Plus that you can upgrade to, once you set-up your account. ChatGPT Plus users its priority access if the servers are busy, and access to the latest updates, with the two biggest updates being able to access urls directly and plugins.

I encourage you to start the free version first and get a feel for it.

ChatGPT also has an app for iOS users, here.


It’s important to know a few things about how ChatGPT works before you dive-in. It is still in beta, meaning it’s still learning and it’s evolving as a program. 

Updates and features are rapidly being released and changes made. One thing to know is that with the 3.5 version, the data it has access to right now is only up to September 2021. It can not search the Internet.

Responses Are Not Static:

Each time you put in a prompt, even when word-for-word you will get a different output. 

Much like when you ask a person a question, oftentimes they answer differently when asked at a later time or by someone else.

Beware of Hallucinations:

I know, what am I talking about?!? This is the technical term that is given to ChatGPTs output that is not always factual, real, or correct. Yes, ChatGPT can and will lie to you.

In the words of ChatGPT when asked about hallucinations: Hallucinations refer to instances where the model produces text that is imaginative, fictional, or incorrect despite sounding plausible.

Don’t Cut/Paste and Go:

Related to the above. I never recommend you cut/paste output and publish/send/rely on it. 

It is a computer; it’s still learning, it does “hallucinate” and just like people, it can misinterpret, misrepresent, and misunderstand. 

Most output needs to be tweaked in some way, and at the very least, read carefully to make sure you aren’t making wild claims your business doesn’t support.

The Better the Prompt, the Better the Output

The better crafted your prompts, the better the output from ChatGPT, and the more helpful it is for your business.

A well crafted means the more details, context, and clearly defining what you want to be outputted, the better your output most likely will be and the less generic advice/content/response you will get. 

While ChatGPT can act like a virtual assistant to your business, it’s a virtual assistant that doesn’t know anything about you, your business, or your offers.

This is where the art of prompt-writing for ChatGPT comes in, the better crafted your prompts, and more clearly communicated your details, the better the outputs you get. And that is where the real magic and time-saving abilities reveal themselves.

I used simple examples with little detail in the above videos

See better prompt crafting in action ⬇️

Ready to Unlock the Magic of ChatGPT

The more you explore and experiment with ChatGPT, the more ways you’ll discover to leverage its capabilities for your business. This technology and others like it will change how we do business on so many levels. 

Are you ready to see what ChatGPT can do for your business? Join me for Unlock the Magic of ChatGPT to learn not only how to get started but how to master the art of prompt writing so you can put ChatGPT to work for your business. 


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