How to Get Started With Pinterest Group Boards: Learn how to find boards to join and what to do next.

Joining Pinterest Group Boards are a great way to widen your Pinterest reach and expand your pin circulation. Group Pinterest boards are boards established on a topic where other pinners are invited to join the board and share content. Below are some tips on how to get started using Pinterest Group Boards for your business.

How To Find Boards To Join

Pin Groupie is a website that lists thousands of groups boards around many topics. You want to look for boards that have a high number of repins/likes, and a good amount of followers.

Check out your competitors or people in similar industries to see what group boards that they are members of. Join those boards 🙂

Search “group boards for _________”. I know this seems really obvious but many people forget the obvious 🙂 Here is an example of if you sold on Etsy . I’m sharing below more business based boards, because if you are running a business than these boards will be useful even if the topic is not a topic you cover. There are groups boards for so many topics. Get out there and find those boards that fit your blog or products!

Don’t get discouraged or take it personally if you don’t get a response. Just keep trying!

How To Join

It can seem daunting at first to figure out how to get started or find how to join group boards. Some boards no longer take new pinners so there is no contact information, some boards you email, some boards you comment on recent pins. Follow the directions on the group board description, if there is none you may be able to contact the group board owner to get more information or make the request. The board owner/creator will be the first profile on the list of profiles for the board (see picture below).

The first profile is the pinterest group board owner

Use the correct email address (your Pinterest email) to contact the board administrator (if that is the method to be added to the board). The board administrator will use your email address to send you an invitation through Pinterest.  If you contact a board administrator from an email that’s not connected or associated with your Pinterest account, your invitation will show up in your inbox, but it won’t work because it’s not connected to your Pinterest account.

Accept the invitation, either via the email you get or under your notifications.

You may want to turn off notifications for a group board. Go to the board once you have accepted the invite, edit board, turn off email notifications, save.

How To Use

Pin other content plus your own. The general rule is 80/20, some boards expressly state only one of your own pins per day or other rules. Make sure to respect the rules of the board. Don’t repin the same pin repeatedly to the board.

Repin from your group boards to your individual boards. This increases the visibility of the board and helps everyone. The extra bonus is that it’s an easy source of relatable content, just make sure you are checking the pins link to quality content before you repin it.

Make sure to stay within the board topic when pinning. Try not to repin the same bloggers or sources you already see on the board, try to bring in new sources of information.

Some Badass Businessy Group Boards to Follow or Join

Creative Biz Tips

To Join:

Blissful Boss Babes

To Join: Follow Brie Beeks . Then email her your Pinterest URL at

Bloom Your Business

To Join: This is my group board 🙂 Follow Bloom Hustle Grow . Then email me your Pinterest URL at

Ladyboss solopreneur GROUP BOARD

To Join: Send an email to

Biz Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

To Join: Comment on a recent pin on the board from @BettyMeansBiz.

Social Media Marketing for Bloggers & Creative Entrepreneurs

To Join: Follow the board. Send an email to with “Pin Request” in the subject line & your name/Pinterest URL in the email.

Are you following me on Pinterest yet? 🙂