The G.Y.S.T Weekly

You know all those little things in your business that you keep saying, “I’ll organize that when I find the time,” “I’ll figure that out later,” “I can’t find the time to fix”…well welcome to that time.

By blocking off ONLY 30 minutes per week, I’m going to help you be more productive, efficient, or effective in your business by helping you tackle those seemly small tasks that result in HUGE time sucks.

Get tips and actions steps each Monday right in your inbox to help you G.Y.S.T(get your shit together) in your business.

You can’t create more time, but you sure can SAVE it, and that is what G.Y.S.T is all about. You get four action tips per month all at the cost of a few coffees.

✨Each Monday you will get one tip you can implement in around 30 minutes* or less that is going to help you be more productive, efficient, or effective in your business.

✨These emails are going to be quick and to the point (no fluff here).

✨Access to a Slack channel so you can ask questions around that week’s topic and report in on your progress.

✨The G.Y.S.T series is $10/month, with NO OBLIGATION cancel anytime.


*Some actions will be less than 30-minutes. Some tips may take more than 30-minutes if you have a lot of “clean up” to do, but you will be able to implement the initial steps in 30 minutes or less. I’ve designed the sequences so that if one week you might have clean-up the next week will be a less than 30-minute action to give you some extra time to dedicate to clean-up.

G.Y.S.T is a monthly subscription, so you will be automatically billed $10 each month unless you cancel before the next billing cycle.