The G.S.D Intensive

Get that project you've been shoving to the back burner off the ground with the G.S.D Intensive.

A plan without action is just a written wish.

This is the kick in the pants you need to take YOUR idea from paper to action. The G.S.D. Intensive is for you if you have a project you’ve been trying to launch but just can’t seem to make progress and give it the consistent attention it needs.

Do you have that project you keep saying you will start or finish, but can’t find the time? Why not start now?

Some of us have a harder time sticking to our plans. You’re not lazy; your brain is just fucking with you.

Maybe you start to get scared and let all the steps to completion grow in your mind until you tell yourself it’s not doable. Or maybe you are so strongly tied to this idea you are afraid to execute. What if it fails?

Yet this idea keeps popping into your mind. You keep thinking this will be awesome once I find the time to do it. Well, don’t put that project off any longer bring it out and start taking action.

Sometimes you just need a little support to make sure you keep putting one foot in front of the other, that you carve out that time to do the work and that you don’t let that little voice in the back of your head tear you down and make you put that awesome project back in the draw.

The G.S.D Intensive is that support!

You get:

A one-hour planning session so we can talk out your plan for your project.

Then 5-weeks of 45-minute accountability sessions! Get feedback, help to prioritize and accountability to keep you on track!

Plus we set a task list for each week, so you know exactly what steps of the plan to focus on!

Need a payment option? You can pay $280 to get started today, and $280 in three weeks.

Not sure if this is the package for you? Book a no obligation, no pressure 20-minute Q&A call HERE.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.