5 Tips For  Staying Inspired As A Solopreneur

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. While I would hope you wouldn’t turn into a ax wielding maniac. It is a good idea to make sure you are scheduling time to keep your mind fresh and to feed your creativity. As a solopreneur you have to be the one that seeks out inspiration. Here are a few tips on keeping your ideas fresh and keeping you from going all “Here’s Johnny”.

Plan “field-trips” once a month

Visit museums in town, go to the library, go on a hike, go shopping, get out of the house!  Go to a place you have not visited before, seek out the new. Find places that give you a new perspective or change of scenery, even if it is just for an afternoon.


There is tons of buzz around introverts and extroverts and who likes to do what and how so and so works. I think regardless of your “category” getting out and talking to other creatives is beneficial. Look for meet-ups or other events in your local that are related to your area of interests. While I think face-to-face is important, online interaction can be just as valuable. Find Facebook or other online networks to join too.

Stay in touch with your field

Find those you think are at the top of your field and follow them. Go to industry events. Keep up to-date with news and developments around your area of interests. Seek out webinars and other learning opportunities.

Keep an inspiration board (s)

Have a few boards that keeps you motivated and focused as something to work towards. If you are just starting out or still in the “just thinking” stage, keep inspiration boards for your future website, logo, branding. It’s good to have a visual to keep you motivated. If you are established in your business, keep inspiration boards for passive income ideas, new products, or projects. Pinterest of course if my favorite for this.

Try something new

You never know when inspiration might strike. Get away from just your industry and your tribe, talk to people in other industries, seek out new, fresh inspiration. Try a new hobby, try a course in a new skill, or a webinar that is not directly related to your business. Seeking out new experiences is a great way to spark new fresh ideas.

Having a business that is 100% your own, can mean it is easy to have your business take over 100% of your life. Make sure you are not so caught up in the day to day of running your business, that you don’t make time for inspirational breaks. Keep your business growing by giving yourself time and mind space to think of new, fresh, and future ideas.

What’s your favorite way to spark inspiration?