Why you should develop an ideal day and how to do it!

As we move into Fall, I feel now is the perfect time to start working on your habits and routines. Routines and habits allow your days to run smoother and for you to live a more intentional life. I think the base of figuring out routines and habits is establishing what you want in your day.

Many people call this your ideal day, which doesn’t really resonate with me. I like to rephrase ideal day to “What does an awesome kickass week include for you?”

To me saying “ideal day” seems too constrained, too narrow. Developing your ideal day should be more about what elements do you want to see in your day-to-day, not that each day will look the same or you start your day with a sunrise breakfast of freshly baked muffins and mimosas.

Routines and habits, allow you to live a life of intention, allows you the most freedom to find your best self. It requires flexibility and adjustment; it’s more of a map than a defined thing.

So let’s map out what an awesome kickass week includes for you!

Step 1:

Grab a piece of paper or journal, or you can type it if that’s your thang.

Now think about what elements are part of an awesome day. And don’t think about it as a single day but more broadly as what would you like to see in most days, within your week/weeks.

I like to think of the elements in board categories to help me with brainstorming:

  • Health (because well you need that to do other things)
  • Happiness
  • Family/Friend/Connection
  • Work/Bigger Purpose

Of course develop your own categories if that helps you, but you don’t HAVE to have categories. However, thinking about elements in categories help to create a balance to your day.

Step 2:

Just start brainstorming those elements, go crazy, seriously list whatever comes to mind:

Here are few to get you thinking:

Get outside

Move my body

Reading everyday

Completing work that matters to me for my business

Making sufficient progress on my monthly goals

Eating breakfast at the table with my family

My husband and I having a date night once a week

Cook at least 4 healthy meals a week

Watch a movie I’ve wanted to see once a week

Learn something new each week

Get out and hangout once a week

Step 3:

Now pick 1 to 4 items to start incorporating into your day TOMORROW or this week! I personally recommend picking one from each overreaching category, but you do what you want it’s your schedule.

The reason I say pick 1 to 4 is because even though these are things you are saying you want to do or you know you should do (hello exercise), it can still be hard to be truly intentional with your time. Trying to make changes takes time and trying to change too much at one time can be overwhelming. So start small. Then once you feel you have incorporated those items into your routine pick another one to add in.

Step 4:

Schedule these 1 to 4 items into your week right now! I’m a firm believer that if you don’t make the time you won’t make it a habit. This whole exercise is about learning to be more intentional with your time. The best way to do that is by creating a schedule, and a schedule can be what you make it. You don’t have to schedule out every hour or be super rigid with it, do what works for you.

And if you want to maintain these items as part of your ideal day, then make sure they remain on your schedule. And guess what!?! It’s ok if those items change or maybe you realize you want to incorporate something new in or replace an item. It’s less about the “thing, ” and it’s more about learning to be conscious of how you spend your time and being intentional with it!

I know I know this post doesn’t seem quite as businessy as normal BUT here is the thing, when you are able to consciously recognize that your day-to-day is what you want it to look like the more likely you are to be productive, maintain motivation and just, well, be more kickass. You are also less likely to hit burn out because you are intentionally seeking more balance in your day. And burnout is a real killer in the world of entrepreneurs.

Productivity is complicated, and there are so many influencing factors, and it’s not something that has a fixed solution. BUT I do think that being intentional in your day-to-day can help with the motivation/mindset side of your habits, routines, and business.

Being intentional allows you to build “good” habits (good being what you want in life), and therefore you are using your time for things you want instead of just filling that time or even using that time on things you don’t desire.

Take a step back and just look at what you are filling your days with. Don’t wait until the pressure of January to reset or set a new resolution. Take a different approach and start incorporating small wants into your day now.

💡Recommended Resources💡

If you have trouble with thinking about what your awesome kickass day might look like or with incorporating your want elements into your day-to-day, I highly recommend both of Gretchen Rubin’s books Better Than Before and The Happiness Project.


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