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Running a consistent and strategic content strategy can be a lot of work, and if you are just getting started, it can be hard to figure out how to manage it all. So today I’m sharing some tools and resources that help me keep my content strategy running smoothly.


Well of course Trello starts my list. Trello keeps it all organized and stores the steps to this whole process. I don’t know how I would manage all the things marketing without it!. Watch the video below for a peek at my editorial calendar or check out this blog post.


Keeps my writing like it’s written by someone who knows English because I don’t understand how commas work. 😜

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Makes sharing easy peasy for readers. Try it out, it’s handy-dandy.

Headline Analyzer

Headline/title feedback, because titles are hard. It’s ok not to always go with a higher score, it is a computer after all and the highest score might not be as attention-grabbing as you want. Here is the example from a prior post:

Headline Analyzer

Google Docs

This is where all the words are born, aka drafting blog posts. If a random idea pops into my head that’s more than just a title or topic, I’ll open up a google doc to get the idea down and then add it to my content ideas list in Trello. If I’m fired up about a topic, I can sometimes get almost a full draft. 😊


Graphics are an important part of creating content, especially for promoting what you create on social media. That’s not possible without graphics. Remember promote, promote, promote.

A great alternative for graphic creation is Canva.

Yoast Plug-in

This is the plug-in that I use to manage my SEO for posts (and my website). It provides where I plug in my keyword, edit my meta description, slug, and gives me feed back on the SEO score for posts and readability of posts.

Social Media Schedulers

If you read this post, then you know if you don’t promote you are wasting your content creation efforts. I use Tailwind (for Pinterest), Buffer (for Facebook, Twitter), & Later (for Instagram).

Google Analytics

This tells me what content is doing well, and what people are viewing and clicking on. You shouldn’t be creating your content without looking to see what is connecting, but remember if you aren’t promoting, promoting, promoting…it might not be the topic it might be the promoting.

Want to know more about how I craft my blog posts. Read this post to see how my blog posts go from idea to published.

Email Marketing

Because my content strategy doesn’t stop with the blog post. Get more tips on getting your email marketing up and running in this post. If you are producing content (like blog posts, podcasts, videos) you should also be directing people onto a mailing list.

Active Campaign
To collect email addresses, deliver opt-ins and send newsletters. Another great alternative if you are just getting started is MailerLite.

Bloom Plug-in
To create WordPress opt-in forms for my opt-in.

InDesign for Opt-in Creation

If you are just getting started you don’t need to create a 10-page workbook; you can build up to more in-depth opt-ins as you get to know your audience better. Don’t waste your time thinking it has to be this big involved thing. It could also be a quiz or a short how-to course/video.

These are the core tools I utilize for content creation when it comes to my marketing.

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This post includes affiliate links meaning I get a small payment if you purchase through my link, it’s no additional cost to you. These tools are the exact tools I use and I would share them with an affiliated link or not.