My Favorite Chrome Extensions To Do More WIth Trello #projectmanagement #toolsofthetrade #trellotips

There are all kinds of ways to make Trello work even better for you. One way is to utilize some of these Chrome Extensions, for my Chrome fans. There are a lot of extensions out there for Trello but make sure you actually need it. Even the ones I list below might not be ones YOU need.

More is not always better, and having too many extensions can make things run wonky. Same with plugins on your website, so choose what you need and leave the rest. 🙂

Trelabels For Trello

OMG, I seriously don’t know what I would do without this one. I LOVE it for making it easy to see what each label on my cards stand-for. It makes using the labels so much more impactful outside of using the filter feature.

Trelabels allows me to scroll and easily see for instance how many blog posts have my Trello 101 opt-in or in my ideas list how many of these have a draft already started. However I would easily use the filter feature to find these exact cards too, but sometimes you like to just get a quick view. See 👇

Trello Web Clipper

If you are using Trello, I hope you already have this one installed. This extension is made by Trello and makes saving to Trello from the web SO easy. This has been a life-saver and has replaced my Pinterest hoarding habits. Now I can easily save articles, and resources to my Trello boards as needed as I browse the internet, Pinterest, and Facebook for all the things!

Especially helpful when researching blog posts, new projects, and our 2019 RV adventure.

Toggl or Clockify

Want to track your time? Install the Toggl or Clockify extension, and you can track your time right from your Trello cards!

I love this since Trello is my central hub of work, from client to-dos to writing this blog post, Trello is the first app I open to start my day. So it makes it easy to track my time and know how much time I’m spending on specific areas of my business.

I’m personally using Toggl, but others have highly recommended Clockify. So I’m sharing both. There are also a few others out there, chose the one that works for you!

For the Toggl extension you do need to go to settings in the extension and allow it to access Trello. See that “Start Timer” tab under action, that is what you should see when you have it set-up.

Clockify, has provided a nice video on how to set-up their app to work in Trello!


Have a board with too many lists? This extension allows you to hide lists and not have to do the dreaded scroll, scroll 🙂

One of the reasons I love Trello is because it is so visual and everything can be right in front of you. But that can also be overwhelming when you open your board and see ALL the things.

I find this extension particularly, helpful when using Trello for projects. This way you can hide your completed lists and hide the lists you aren’t ready to tackle yet.


Have calendars on multiple boards, and just want to see them all at once? Well, my friend, Planyway is your answer.

GTD: Link on the front of the card

This extension is one I recently discovered and find helpful with research oriented boards. Remember how mentioned I love to save all the things from the web? Well, this makes it a little easier to find those links and a little faster to open them up when needed.

Capture For Trello

I shockingly use screenshots way more than I ever imagined starting my business. Sometimes a picture is literally worth a million words. Especially when trying to troubleshoot or communicate something that needs updating when working on a team.

So this handy extension cuts out a few steps of having to find, create a card, and upload the screenshot.


This extension does quite a bit, some you might use some not so much, especially if you are already utilizing power-ups. The one cool one that I find particularly attractive for this extension is the ability to sort cards. This is not one I use regularly, but it can come in handy for particular tasks.

Sort lists by
* Due Date
* Title (alphabetically)
* Votes
* Labels
* Last activity date
* Creation Date.
* Date of appearance in the list

Want to take Trello to the next level? I highly recommend Butler. Not an extension but a whole new way to automate, manage, and customize Trello to work for you. Read more about it here!

Just getting started with Trello? Grab my Trello 101 course and learn the basics of Trello!