By harnessing the power of ChatGPT you can jump-start most things you do in your everyday business, specifically research/brainstorming, planning, and writing [and way beyond just copy/content-thank you very much].

Does it perform all these tasks flawlessly, no. You still have to put in work to refine, edit, and sometimes make massive changes to or scrap it altogether because it went in a direction that does not fit your intent, yes.

But it still gives you a great, time-saving start on most tasks you perform on a regular basis in your business. Even when it produces something that is not in line with the direction I was taking a topic, it often helps bring me clarity around the direction I did want to go in.

And I’m not going to say this after each section below, but  Chat applications go WAY beyond these categories or the examples I provide. Once you start experimenting with it, you will find other ways to apply it to make your business and life easier.

Research + Brainstorming

Research + Brainstorming is one of my FAVORITE uses of ChatGPT, well, maybe behind naming/titling things. I guess naming stuff can be filed into brainstorming so…


As a solopreneur, I don’t have a team or even a business bestie available 24/7 to bounce ideas off of any time I want. And because you don’t have that easy back and forth, it can be super easy to get stuck creatively. 

I love how even if Chat is not going in the direction I want with a topic, it gives me a new perspective on that topic, that snaps me out of my train-track thinking or approach. 

It has motivated me to be more creative in my writing and approaches, whereas before I was 100% getting into a rut.

Here are some ways it can help to brainstorm:

  • Give me more topic ideas around x topic
  • I have this offer that works well; give me ways to expand on it
  • Offer suggestions on different ways to perform X
  • Give me ALL the titles: suggest 5 funny headlines for this post, write 10 subject lines for this email, give me 3 alternative calls to actions, 5 email sign-offs


Researching all the things, learning new things, getting quick responses to something you don’t know about but also don’t need really need to know but know you will spend WAY too much time down the internet rabbit hole. Oh, wait, that last one is just a me problem?!?

Here are some ways it can help to research:

  • Find 5 alternatives like X tool
  • Summarize these 3 articles for me [you can cut/paste in, or if you have Plus, use urls with Bing]
  • Give me the top advice about starting x strategy/channel
  • Tell me how to
  • What do i need to know about X


From launch planning to helping you figure out how to fit all the things into your week, to figuring out how much you need to charge to reach x goal. ChatGPT is here for it. 

While I rarely use the plan 100% as is from an output, again it gives me a start on mapping out a project plus again gets me out of my typical approach. Especially when it comes to content planning, I tend to get in a rut about types of content to share and it can help get me thinking outside of my normal go-to content.

And it cuts down mapping out a schedule or launch even if all the details are not correct, I have a timeline to start working from instead of having to build from zero.

I love it for playing around with financials and pricing, as it gives me quick outputs when figuring out adjustments. I also use similar if I want/need to adjust my work schedule it can easily provide me with what adjustments I need to make in time commitments. 

While scheduling meetings for multiple attendees in various worldwide time zones is no longer part of my routine tasks, I can’t stress how much easier my life would have been if I could have just asked ChatGPT to come up with X number of times that could accommodate the group. Time zone calculation has always felt like quantum physics for me. 


Basically, anything from content to emails to documenting processes ChatGPT can jumpstart your process when it comes to writing.


I don’t personally let ChatGPT write out full blog posts or video content, but I do let it help me brainstorm outlines, and then take what I write or record [via transcript] and break that down into various types of social media posts, summaries to use for emails/other promotion, and repurpose written to video script or vice-versa. 

Of course, as I mentioned, I let it title things for me, as that was one of my most dreaded parts of writing a blog post, especially when I wanted alternative titles for Pinterest. 

And the boring SEO tasks of finding keywords and writing meta descriptions. You can also ask it to help turn what you wrote into more SEO keyword focused.


How many times have you ignored your inbox, mainly because you didn’t want to reply to ONE email? No, just me again, ok 😉 

Beat Your Own Bullshit

I love the ability to have ChatGPT get me out of the mental resistance I can develop over replying. By having ChatGPT start the reply for me, I’m so much more motivated to finish it and get it off my plate. I rarely even use most of the reply provided by Chat, but it gets me out of my head and moving forward, saving time and mental gymnastics. 

Make it Snappy

This works both ways, for long emails you receive and for long emails you write. 

You can have ChatGPT summarize long emails, pull out questions or other important information you request into a list, and of course, help draft a reply. 

Or if you are the one writing the long emails, you can ask it to summarize it for you, allowing you to decide if you REALLY do need the extra sentences; ask it to bold, bullet, or shorten paragraphs to make reading and understanding it easier. 

Documenting Your Processes

ChatGPT can provide step-by-step instructions for almost anything, though often/sometimes, depending on the tool, it can be vague. But again a great place to get started if you just need a quick start to a tool or program. 

But the real power using Chat to document your processes is not necessary in step-by-step directions for your tools. It’s asking Chat what input from you is needed to say, create a new appointment in Acuity or update your LinkedIn profile.

It’s helping you pull out those details you need to gather to perform the task in your business.

Another great use is to ask it to help you streamline your processes and communications. You can easily pull in emails either to or from clients and ask it to come up with a list of frequently asked questions or ask how you can more clearly communicate deadlines or request tasks. 

This goes beyond your offers when asking it to suggest ways to streamline or pull out important steps/information needed for routine tasks.

Seriously the more you experiment with using it, the more uses you will find for it. The key to using ChatGPT effectively is learning to ask the right questions, including the right details, and work within the chat to refine the output you want. 

Harness the Time-Saving Power of ChatGPT, today!

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