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5 Books for the Entrepreneurial Journey

5 must read books for the entrepreneurial journey. #bizbooks

I love reading, always have. While most of my life I’ve been a fiction kind of girl, since starting the entrepreneurial path, I’ve dived into many many nonfiction books. I’m sharing a few that have really stood out to me and made an impact on my journey thus far. Also, for each quote I shared, […]

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The Secret To Getting Started With Social Media

Getting Started With Social Media, Overcoming Social Media Anxiety

Shh, here is the big secret….no one is really paying attention. I use to get social anxiety to social media, I think this is a real thing. I would over-think before commenting or even liking, or even following. Is this person going to think I’m a stalker, are people going to think I’m stupid/lame/weird, am […]

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