Engage subscribers from the moment of opt-in by using a quiz!

I was so excited to share my newest opt-in a few weeks ago, the Slay Your Productivity Nemesis quiz! I think a quiz is such a fun and creative way to connect with your audience. A quiz could be used for product or service-based businesses. And with Interact it’s super fast and fun. The hard part is figuring out your results/topic and writing your email sequence. I’m going to help you get started by giving you some tips and ideas for crafting your quiz.

My big advice for crafting your quiz is to pick your topic and then try to think of the results that you would expect around that topic and work backward from that.

Since I chose productivity, I started with what I know from working with clients are some main struggles or roadblocks when it comes to productivity. And then what kinds of questions I might ask to determine what they are struggling with, and then I got creative.

Here is a basic outline to get you started thinking about crafting your own quiz:

  • Pick a topic area; I recommend it be something you write about often or linked directly to an offering.
  • Narrow that topic area to something that could have different stages, preferences, struggles.
  • What are some different end results related to that topic area? Brainstorm those.
  • Work backward from your chosen results to the questions.
  • What kind of questions would you typically ask a client when working with them on that topic? Brainstorm those.
  • Start building your quiz. What questions will you ask and what answers would lead to those end results?
    Then see if you can add a little more fun/creativity to it (if appropriate). I started my quiz as What Are Your Productivity Struggles and only after I got the main quiz roughed out it was much easier to then make it a little more creative because I had the big picture.

I developed two quiz ideas below, one for a product and one for a service to help get you thinking:

Example #1: Product

If you made scented candles, I think a super fun quiz would be to do “What’s Your Signature Scent?”.

Start by picking 4 of your most popular candle scents or four very distinct scents.
Write down how you would describe each and what questions you might ask if you were interacting with a customer in person if they were choosing a candle as a gift.

Here are some question ideas:

Do you like citrus, musky, floral, clean?
You could do a photo pick question and ask what picture appeals to them and try to pick things you think might represent those scents. If it’s citrus then maybe a lemon tree or bowl of citrus, or something tropical, if it is more spruce/evergreen then something related to the forest or pines. If the candles are colored then ask people to chose their favorite color.
Imagine you are in your happy place, what do you smell?
What word below are you most attracted to? List words related to your descriptions you wrote out.

You simple plug the questions you come up with into Interact and then you can direct your buyer right to the candle or candles that fit them. 🤗  Pretty cool huh! Especially since we have yet to perfect smell-o-net yet. You could give them the candle buy link (no opt-in) and then offer free shipping or 10% off if they give you their email address.

You could use a similar quiz for anything like what is your style type quiz (clothes, jewelry, throw pillows). Or gift giving, what is the perfect gift for your mom? Think of it as a way to curate for your customer.

Example #2: Services

You can test your audience on the knowledge of a topic you offer or advise on. Like how SEO SAVVY ARE YOU? This is especially powerful if you have different levels of services, for instance, a DIY course, an SEO audit, and then a full get your website ranked package. Having the quiz allows you to talk to your new subscriber about what they want to hear about and at their level.

Here are some question ideas:

Pick the best description of keywords.
Maybe some true/false questions about SEO.

You can even work backward from answers you know would indicate the level they are at and create the questions. Like if you know a common answer or comment to people who buy your audit is, “I understand what SEO, I just don’t know if I’m doing it right.”, then what question could lead into that answer and what answers would potentially lead to the DIY course or full package? Also, answers can go to more than one result, so that is ok. You just need to make sure you have a few answers that definitely fit a particular result.

You could use some of your common on-boarding or pre-work questions but just frame it to be a bit fun or NOT. Straightforward questions work too; I kept mine a mix of both.

You can throw in fun ones too. Like, Pick the picture that best represents how you feel about SEO. Choose one image that is powerful or calm, one that is more chaotic or busy, one that seems boring or flat.This is where you have to get a little creative and think about symbolism. But of course you don’t have to mix images and text questions, it’s 100% not required.

These examples are to get your creative juices flowing.

The possibilities are limitless just get creative with it.

I personally think it should be geared a bit more positive or fun. So when I came up with my topic I was thinking struggles but that doesn’t sound very fun and a bit of a downer so I personified them into something a bit more fun (or at least I think so).

BUT this also depends on your industry/business. If you coach divorcing moms, then you can do a more straightforward quiz/questionnaire. Divorcing? What stage are you? Get advice to match your journey. For some industries, a more straightforward questionnaire is more appropriate.

You want to think about what you want to say to that person in response to their results. The results should lead to more information on that topic and ideally lead to a paid offer. So do make sure you think about how you would craft follow-up emails that go with your quiz.

If you just get creative with it, a quiz could be a great fit to create a unique opt-in. Not only is it unique it allows you to predetermine certain things about your new subscriber/customer and gives you an instant connection you can work from.

If you want to see Interact in action, try out my quiz! And as a bonus, you get some great productivity tips. So what are you waiting for!?!


Click here for Part 2: A walk through of Interact and some ConvertKit tips on getting the backend set up. It’s super easy I promise. 😉

✨Your Action Step✨

❏ Brainstorming your quiz and get to work on your email sequence.

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