Show more YOU in your brand and business! This tv show gave me an unexpected push to do just that!

How a reality tv show got me to break through my fear of bringing me to my business writing. This is a little crazy but here goes.

I’ve always had a hard time bring personality or me to my writing, even as a child. I loved a good book report or research paper but HATED personal essays. I was basically the opposite of every kid in my classes when it came to writing assignments.

And I *know* all the advice about good copywriting and bringing yourself to your brand. It’s not that I was trying to not show personality or thought it bad advice, I’m just stiff in my writing. I thought maybe my writing style is stuffy stiff but to the point. I really value being to the point. BTW…this whole post is like the polar opposite of most of my posts.


Sometimes I like to watch TV while I work, it gives me company and background noise and some days I just need a break from my desk. (and yes I’m childfree as all my mom readers are like you wrote that sentence all wrong, what the F do you need background noise and company for).

For “working tv” choices I like shows that don’t require too much attention, things like reality tv (The Real Housewives, The Great British Bakeoff, Top Chef, etc.). Most of my choices are cooking shows, which brings me to the ONE that broke me out of my shell. It’s The Next Food Network Star.

The name explains it all; the show is all about a group of contestants competing to get their own show on The Food Network. They have a variety of challenges to prep them to be able to have their own show, and each week someone is eliminated.

Nothing overly novel when it comes to a reality show. BUT each week they get feedback from the mentors critiquing each challenge, and basically, most challenges involve having to present their food or cooking, but while keeping their POV (point of view) in the forefront.

The common challenge for them was to keep THEM in their presentations, and they would often receive criticism of “we don’t know anything about you, or you just gave us the information where were YOU in the show.” Which is what totally clicked, just by wrapping your delivery in a little personality, throwing a “taste” of your flare into the information is what gives your writing that personality it needs. You don’t have to wrap everything in a story; they just need a taste of a story and some of you.

Of course, I’m still a work in progress and working on showing more “me,” but seriously if you struggle like me and need more personality in your writing and brand, it might be time to take some tips from the Food Network Pros.

I also highly recommend you read Seth Godin’s All Marketers Are Liars, this helped click into place the importance of your story to your brand. The more authentic your marketing, the more effective.

SIDE NOTE: If you had asked me even two months ago if I were ever going to be writing a post on my business blog about a reality television show I would have given you THE LOOK and shook my head saying “I don’t think so.” But a tip is a tip, and inspiration and breakthroughs can show up in unexpected places.

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