6 Podcast Episodes All About Productivity

Being productive and making the most out of your time can reduce stress and make your business more successful. I’ve rounded up 6 podcast episodes all about productivity to help you get more time out of your year. Podcasts are a great way to learn because you can listen while you take a walk, clean or whatever [insert mindless task here], see you are already being more productive just by listening. 🙂

Make It Happen: Productive Hustle vs Unproductive Hustle (8 minutes)

Are you hustling? This episode is all about how to hustle productively and avoid the unproductive hustle. Avoid burnout in your business by making sure you are hustling productively.

After The Jump: Productivity Tips, Episode 70 (38 minutes)

Working smarter not harder! Grace (along with her wife) gives 14 rules of thumb to keep you on task and have a more productive day. If you find you are procrastinator this episode is for you.

Creative Empire Podcast: Productivity In Your Business With Tonya Dalton, Episode 9 (34 minutes)

I loved this episode and could so relate, there are so many points they made that I make often to clients. They even opened with one of my favorite sayings about productivity, which is that you have to find the recipe that works for you. This episode is full of good points when it comes to productivity.

Being Boss:How To Set Up A Productive Workspace Minisode (12  minutes)

I like this one because it gives another look at what can impact our productivity and environment might not come to mind right away. I always think clutter and disorganization can be more distracting then we sometimes realize.

#102: How to Create Content Rituals to Get More Done (36 minutes)

This episode is for you if you are having a hard time to finding time/focus for content creation. I loved the advice about how to manage your mornings to be more creative, which is something I certainly need to work on. It’s all about boundaries.

Process To Profitability Podcast by Lemon and Sea: Making The Most Of Your Time

Featuring ME!! Shameless plug of an interview I did with Samantha of Lemon and Sea all about time management and productivity. It’s one of my favorite topics after all. Plus you can download this episode and listen to it while you take a walk or folder laundry (talk about being productive)!

Here are a few tips for listening to podcasts:

  • Listen at a higher speed like 1.5 speed. Some speakers are faster than others, so you may have to play with it. On the iphone do this by playing the podcast, and then expanding it up, so just tap on the play band at the bottom.
  • Have a few podcasts saved and downloaded so that you can listen on a walk or anywhere else that might not be wifi accessible.
  • Carry headphones for these times 🙂
  • Have a notebook handy, or pause and take a voice memo, or type a note on your phone, for those really good tidbits of information.
  • Most of the time any resources mentioned will be available on the podcast webpage.

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