5 Essential Ways To Make Your Hustle Easier

Here at Bloom Hustle Grow, it’s all about the Hustle, making the Hustle easier that is so that you can build your dream! Here are five ways you can get started making your hustle easier. These 5 areas are absolutely essential to making your business run smoother and with less stress.

Systems and Processes

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, you need systems and processes to run a sustainable business. You need systems and processes to grow, and you can’t run a business with everything just in your head.

Having systems and processes allows you to deliver consistency and be more efficient overall in your operations. You can’t improve a process if you are continually creating it from scratch and you can’t train your staff if how you do things that are all in your head.

By establishing systems and documenting your processes sooner than later, you are setting yourself up to be organized and ready to hire when you need to. By the time you are ready to hire, you don’t have the time to set-up systems, and you don’t have the time to train.

Read more about establishing systems and processes in this blog post.

Get Organized

Related to systems and processes, but also equally important to talk about separately is getting yourself organized. Systems and processes can help you get organized, but sometimes the mess can keep you from getting started.

Disorganization causes stress, even people who swear by the mess can lose so much time to disorganization. Disorganization can cost you time and profits, whether it’s physical or digital related.

Pay attention to how disorganization is costing you in your business and your home life and instead of pushing it to the side, decide to fix it. The longer you let the mess build up, the harder it is to dig your way out of it.

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Always Be Improving

The more you work on refining the essential parts of your business, the smoother it will run. In business you are never set and done. You should always be looking at ways to improve your processes, your marketing, and yourself.

The iPhone wasn’t created and done. Each year they make tweaks and strive to make it just a little better, you should be doing the same for your business. Having an outlook of slowly improving and evolving will help you keep your business growing.

Of course, you need to be tracking what’s important to know if you are improving as well as setting aside time to do so!

Read this blog post for what key metrics you should be tracking (for starters, this is not an exhaustive list), and read this blog post to steal my strategy for evaluating and planning each quarter. You might also consider doing a more intensive evaluation, and plan a solo biz retreat.

Find Support and Community

You can’t do business from your glass box; you must reach out and make connections.

So many people get into online business thinking they can do all the behind the screen work and clients will start flowing. It’s way more complicated than that. You build it and they will come is not a thing.

The quickest way to bridge the like, know, trust factor in online business is to get your butt out there and start connecting. Every person who says I don’t have clients is most likely not doing enough networking.

Networking with people makes you more of a real person, you aren’t just a picture anymore or a name on the screen.

Having connections in the business community not only can bring you, clients, it also gives you much needed support and helps you get out of your own head. No matter how hard-core of an Introvert you claim to be, you still need a sounding board and feedback to make your business work. You can’t just work in a bubble.

Read this post to get yourself out there and start making connections!
Or download my list of 25 ways to help you get out there.


Understand Your Ideal Client

The more you know and understand your ideal client the easier all aspects of your business will flow.

Your marketing messaging will be stronger, and it will feel easier to get clients the more you understand and can speak your client’s language.

The more you understand who you want to serve will ensure that you are getting the “right” client and the more likely you won’t be stuck with the dreaded nightmare clients. Thus saving you time and stress. Check out this post from Moriah Riona of and sign-up for her ideal client profile worksheet.

Your offerings will be stronger and sell better when you understand what your audience needs and how they need it. Forget happy wife, happy life, happy client, happy business 😂

The best way to understand your ideal client, start talking to people, yep we are circling right back to networking on this one. You have to start talking to people who might be your ideal client.

If you haven’t had any clients find some, even if you offer them a free session, the experience and research you gain is well worth the time.

You can’t truly understand your clients until you get your hands dirty, even if you have had years of experience in your field if you did not have to find and sell to the customer directly you don’t have all the experience you need. It’s hard to understand and market to someone you have never actually interacted with.

Do coffee chats, offer free sessions, look for questions and seek out your ideal clients in Facebook groups to get as much insight into what they need and how they talk about their struggles as possible.

Even talking to people who are not your ideal client can bring you a lot of clarity and insight into how you talk about and position your offerings.

There is lots to focus on when building a business, but these 5 areas should be at the top of your list. These 5 areas will make all the other parts of your business run smoother, and you will feel less stressed. Want more help making your hustle easier? Check out my offerings here that are designed to do just that!