Lack of Motivation? Grab these tips to get to work!

Let’s talk MOTIVATION! It’s one of the big cornerstones to being productive.

Motivation is a tricky thing and is linked closely with mindset/fear/energy…and 12 billion other causes. It’s the root killer of productivity because you can’t be productive if you can’t get started 😵 And it’s a total mind fuck, especially to entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a magic fix to it all, but there are some tools to help guide you towards figuring out your lack of motivation.

Know Your Why

What is your why?
Why are you showing up day today?
Why do you have your own business and put in all this hard work?

Having a clear vision of your why whatever it is BIG or SMALL is important.

Solution Suggestion: Think eye on the prize and mission statements. Vision boards are a popular way to keep the why front and center. You can also try journaling to help keep your vision fresh.


What do you expect to receive in return for all your time and effort?

If you don’t see a reward in sight, then it’s hard to keep making an effort and putting in the work day in and day out. Celebrating the little things and giving yourself recognition and some kind of reward will help boost your motivation.

Solution Suggestion: If you finish that email by this afternoon you can go buy a fancy chocolate, or simply keep those nice things that clients have praised you for in a folder you can visit when you are feeling down.


For some people, accountability comes easily, and they can hold themselves to self-imposed goals and standards, while others need some kind of external pressure to perform. Telling yourself, you can have a small reward after XYZ is simply not enough to get you going if you are motivated by external forces. For solopreneurs, this is an especially difficult challenge to motivation, and you will have to create that external pressure somehow.

Solution Suggestion: It might be sharing deadlines with someone, publicly announcing intentions, or getting a coach, biz bud, or mastermind to call you out for not meeting expectations.

Maybe you have a hard time knowing how to tackle your vision and what to focus on week-to-week. I have just the package for you, The 3-Month Masterplan (Your roadmap to your best quarter ever – every quarter.)

In this service, we’ll identify your business goals and work together to develop a detailed action plan to move you toward them, and you will be held ACCOUNTABLE for executing that plan!


Are you able to look at setbacks and failures as learning opportunities or do they send you crawling into bed with ice cream? Working on mindset is what strengthens your resolve and makes you like Teflon in the face of fear, failure, rejection and other emotions looking to send you running for a 9-5 or a bottle of wine. Just like working on your copywriting skills, mindset is something you can work improving.

Solution Suggestion: Invest time in strengthening your mindset and learning to embrace the fail. Books, podcasts, coaches, mediation all can help with mindset. You just have to figure out what clicks for you.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started, list of mindset podcasts and how this book helped me embrace mindset. 


Sometimes when you don’t know your direction or where to start, well you just don’t. It can be completely paralyzing. Or you start, and you quit, start and quit. A lot of times motivation get lost when you feel lost 🙂

Solution Suggestion: Get a plan and take action. Building a business is an experiment, and if takes a lot of twists and turns. You are going to learn by doing so just dive in and figure it out. It’s much better to take action and learn from your mistakes than staying stuck.

Need help getting a plan + staying on track? Well, that’s my specialty! Check out how I can help you cut the overwhelm!

✨Here’s a simple exercise to help you out✨

If you are not reaching your goals week to week, then stop and write out all the reasons why. Write down anything you can think of. Sometimes it is other productivity issues, but sometimes it’s one of the above.

By forcing yourself to directly acknowledge what’s going on can give you huge insight. I know it sounds too simple to be helpful, but you might be surprised.

Bottomline, figure it out. Be honest with yourself and what’s holding you back. My big motivation suck, FEAR (i.e. mindset). And I figured that out by doing the above exercise. The first step in solving most problems is recognizing what is causing the problem to begin with.

You can also take this quiz to help you sort it out! It’s really fun, and you get customized tips to address your largest productivity struggles.