5 Myths That Are Holding Your Business Back! The sooner you address these 5 myths the sooner you will see growth in your business.

Don’t let the following 5 mistakes slow your business down. Take steps now to make sure you aren’t derailed in reaching your goals and growing your business.

Myth #1: Thinking you should be able to do it all yourself

You know your shit, you are smart, and you advise people on stuff like this all day long, so you SHOULD be able to do the same in your own business on your own. Well, I wish this was true.

So many of us can do so much for our clients, identify problem areas, see missteps before they happen, but you just can’t seem to get your shit together when you turn to your own business.

It’s one of those cruel twists. You need someone there to make you take a step back and help you see the big picture. You need to get out of your own head and seek feedback, support, and solutions to your day to day business frustrations.

Myth #2: Setting goal, but not planning and evaluating

If you are struggling to grow your business and get clients, a core part of this can be a lack of planning and evaluating.

While I truly think a big part of running a business is experimenting and changing directions as needed this should be done in a smart way that moves you ahead and not banging your head against the wall.

Planning, tracking, evaluating, and adjusting strategy is the correct way to experiment in your business; not just hopping project to project, hoping one will be the magic ticket to success.

Planning, documenting your process, taking the time to evaluate what parts worked and didn’t work and learning from those “wins” and “losses” is what makes a business successful quicker.

Myth #3: This next course will fix all my business frustrations & will be the golden ticket to success

Do you have a stash of courses you have bought and never finished?

I talk to so many fellow entrepreneurs who buy course after course, rarely finishing or implementing the strategies taught. I’m all about educating yourself and learning, but you have to STOP buying the next shiny new course.

The next one is NOT going to be the ONE. You know the ONE that we think will finally be the boost you need to finally up-level your business, make money, reach xyz goal. If you have a “closet” of abandoned courses, you need to stop investing in courses. The next ONE is not the ONE, much like the last 5 were not the ONE.

You need to take that money you are throwing at the possible “magic course” and actually invest that in one-on-one customized advice/help.

Myth #4: I don’t have time to get organized and systems in place for my business

Each time you take on a client, do you have a checklist you follow, do you have communication templates ready to customize and send, or do you reinvent the wheel each and every time?

Are you identifying areas in your business that you do repeatedly, and figuring out ways to capture those processes and streamline them as much as possible? Or, did you just read this and say “Who has time for that!?”.

Not taking the time to implement systems and document processes hinders growth, wastes time, and leads to frustration. Sure the initial time investment is more but just start step by step.

The next client you sign make yourself go through and write out what happens. What tasks do you do each day, each week, each month? Start documenting your processes as you do them. By having processes and systems in place to support those processes you are working smarter not harder.

Read this post on why it’s so important to understand systems and processes in your business.

Myth #5: I have big goals for my business, that I will start when…..(fill in the blank)

You have big goals with your business and you know where you want it to go. But, when you get down to addressing these big goals, you get scared, you get overwhelmed, you can’t seem to map out how to get from today to your vision, or even take the first step. As humans it’s natural for use to want to stay in our comfort zone, to do what comes easily. As entrepreneurs, this is a huge roadblock to growing your business.

If you regularly find yourself saying “someday” when it comes to ideas and goals for your business, it’s time to give yourself a reality check and figure out how to fit those ideas into actionable plans, not wistful daydreams. Most of the time it does mean figuring out new systems, making hard decisions about time/services/clients, and having to get your butt in gear to start taking those scary first steps.

Don’t let these 5 myths derail your business. Hiring a business coach can be the best way to make sure you are avoiding all 5 of the above. A good business coach will give you support, provide strategic advice, and provide structure to keep you on track.

I’ve designed my packages to help you avoid all 5 of the above roadblocks to building your business, to help you reaching your goals faster and even give you an extra hand to get foundations in place that will help you grow. Find out more here or book a chat to find out how I can help you grow your business!